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Yamaha Introduces New VMAX Yard Built “INFRARED” by JvB-moto

So VMAX’s 30th year is really a big deal to motorcycle maker, Yamaha. Continuing its celebration is another special edition VMAX, this time it is a yard built “Infrared” by cult German builder JvB-moto. And it couldn’t be more fitting because the man behind the Cologne-based outfit, Jens vom Brauck, has been a huge fan of VMAX since he was 15 years old when VMAX was first introduced and his love for VMAX results in this: a hybrid of a dragster and a cafe racer. As you might have guessed, with a super-fan behind it, there’s a lot of love and devotion put into it, which includes a host of custom aluminum and carbon parts handmade by JvB-moto. The bike is built around an an aluminum subframe crafted from bits of the stock unit and fittingly, features special air intake scoops made from stock aluminum units pulled from the original 80s VMAX. Continue reading Yamaha Introduces New VMAX Yard Built “INFRARED” by JvB-moto

Yamaha VMAX Carbon Musclebike Comes with Exclusive Bodywork and Akrapovic Mufflers

We all know there are muscle cars, but do you know there are musclebikes? Yeah. There are. The Yamaha VMAX is one of them and the Japanese motorcycle maker has a special anniversary to mark 30 years since the launch of the first V4-powered VMAX to offer to two-wheel motor heads. Billed as the ultimate drag racer inspired musclebike, the VMAX Carbon, as it is called, is push forth by a 200PS 1,679cc V4 liquid-cooled engine and boasts an advanced aluminum chassis, exclusive carbon bodywork (hence, the ’Carbon’ moniker) and upswept Akrapovic slip-on mufflers for some serious sonic output (read: thundering, which neighbors won’t quite appreciate). Continue reading Yamaha VMAX Carbon Musclebike Comes with Exclusive Bodywork and Akrapovic Mufflers

Bandit9 EVE Concept Motorcycle

the Bandit9 EVE Concept Motorcycle is not copper-colored and its creator did not explicitly said that it is steampunk-inspired, but to us, it is a set of wheels that has that Victoria-era feel. you know? that kind of retro-futuristic look? based on the 1967 Honda SS and in capacities between 90cc and 125cc, the Bandit9 EVE Concept Motorcycle is one heck of eye-catching two-wheeler and it will be literally eye-catching under bright sunny days. we have absolutely no doubt about it. the bike features a chrome unibody construction, along with a slew of components in the same delightful chrome finish – save for the handle grip, tires, the engine, carburetor, footrests, and cattle skin leather seat – even the suspensions are completely chrome as far as our eyes can see. Continue reading Bandit9 EVE Concept Motorcycle

2014 Brammo Empulse Electric Bike

like its car counterpart, electric motorcycle aka electric bike is usually sneered at for the lack of performance, namely speed, but not with the 2014 Brammo Empulse Electric Bike, not this time. the 2014 Brammo Empulse Electric Bike now claims the crown of the being the world’s fastest electric motorcycle in serial production, topping 110 mph (177 km/h). described as “an evolution of the 2013 Empulse”, the 2014 model is driven by a 40kW (54 hp) electric motor, paired to a 6-speed gearbox with multi-plate, hydraulic activated wet clutch. the electric motor is juiced by a 10kWh lithium-ion power pack that offers up to 80 miles (129 km) of combined city and highway range, and recharges from 20% to 80% in less than 2 hours on Level 2 charging. overnight charging is made possible too, thanks to the J1772 charge coupler that plugs direct into a standard household power outlet. Continue reading 2014 Brammo Empulse Electric Bike

BMW R nineT Roadster Bike

when you are on a two-wheeler, there are only two things that matter: the ultimate road presence and the unadulterated riding pleasure, both are qualities which the new BMW R nineT Roadster Bike can offer. nested within this hand-built feel classic roadster bike is a 1.2-Liter air/oil-cooled twin-cylinder boxer engine, delivering 110 hp (81 kW) and 88 lb-ft (119 Nm) of torque that would put many regular cars to shame. the nineT, as it is affectionately known as, is built around a modular frame concept with removable pillion frame and frame end-piece, which as a side benefit, makes this ride highly suited for further customization. Continue reading BMW R nineT Roadster Bike

Harley Panhead by Noise Cycles

i don’t profess to know all about motorcycles, even though at one time, i used to repair reccee motorcycles in the service, but i do know a two-wheel beauty when i see one, such as this Harley Panhead as custom by California-based custom motorcycle builder, Noise Cycles. the fact that this 1952 Harley Panhead has been crowned the ‘Best of Show’ at the top custom bike event in the United States, Born Free 5, says a lot about this custom two-wheeler (and to certain extend, my taste, if i may say so myself). nested within the Panhead swingarm frame is a 88ci 1962 EL Panhead motor, paired to an S&S dual throat carb, while power transfer is by the way of a Barnetts high performance clutch. Continue reading Harley Panhead by Noise Cycles

2014 Indian Motorcycles

for the rest of the world, the rebirth of Indian Motorcycles may not be a biggie, but being the America’s first motorcycle company, it is certainly a significant milestones. operating under its parent company Polaris Industries, maker of snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles, Indian Motorcycles is finally ready to showoff what it has to offer to two-wheeled cruiser lovers after two and half years in the making. officially unveiled last Saturday at the annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis, S. Dakota, Indian Motorcycles showed off a trio of cruiser including the Indian Chief Classic (from $18,999), Indian Chief Vintage (from $20,999), and the top-of-the-food chain Indian Chieftain (from $22,999), and there’s more good news: they all have a price tag to them and will be rolling into US dealership in September. Continue reading 2014 Indian Motorcycles

2014 Suzuki Boulevard M109R B.O.S.S.

feeling like a boss? well, then Suzuki has the right bike for you: the 2014 Suzuki Boulevard M109R B.O.S.S. actually, the here B.O.S.S. is not the boss, boss, but the acronym for Blacked Out Special Suzuki. and being so named, it does indeed has various parts blacked out, including the rearview mirrors, handlebars, clutch and brake levers, handle switches, front fork outer tubes and more. the predominately black ride is accented by distinctive yellow racing stripe and pin stripe on the wheels for the added visual statement. if that visual appeal ain’t enough, we are pretty sure its huge 4.4″ (112mm) forged aluminum-pistons stuffed 1.8-liter (1,783 cc) 4-stroke V-twin engine’s low rumble will sonically catch anyone’s attention. Continue reading 2014 Suzuki Boulevard M109R B.O.S.S.

Harley Fat Boy Shadow Rocket by Rough Crafts

Harley Fat Boy Shadow Rocket by Rough Crafts
Harley-Davidson is pretty much a manly thing but if that isn’t enough, perhaps a stealth makeover should up its manliness ante by a notch or two. well, in this case, stealth does not really mean coating the bike with radar-absorbing material (you know that right?) but it is more of an all out dark, black treatment plus some custom parts and to this end, no one does it better than Winston Yeh’s Rough Crafts whose speciality is serving up custom Harley (and parts). his latest example is this Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Shadow Rocket that’s based on a 2002 FLSTF Softail Continue reading Harley Fat Boy Shadow Rocket by Rough Crafts

Janus Halcyon 50 Motorcycle

Janus Halcyon 50 Motorcycle
Janus Halcyon 50 Motorcycle | from US$3,900.00 | www.janusmotorcycles.com

most of us here are unlikely to be reminiscing about the glory days of the motorcycles of from 1920s and 1930s but that doesn’t stop us from appreciating a good remake of them such as this Janus Halcyon 50 Motorcycle, a bike that pays homage to record-breakers of that era (you know. Brough Superior, Triumph and the likes). the Halcyon 50 features sprung leather saddle seat (a sign of transitional design from pedal-powered to motor-powered) and panniers, wide handlebars, and stretched, low polished aluminum fuel tank that seems to be poised-for-speed Continue reading Janus Halcyon 50 Motorcycle