Indian Motorcycle has made its affordable Scout Bobber even more affordable with the new 2020 Indian Motorcycle Scout Bobber Sixty motorcycle. And it has done so without compromising in performance.

The 2020 Indian Motorcycle Scout Bobber Sixty is powered by the same 78-HP 999cc (60 cu-in) liquid-cooled engine as the Scout Sixty and while it may not have the 100 ponies of regular Scout Bobber, it actually weighs a full 10 kilograms (22 lbs) lighter.

2020 Indian Motorcycle Scout Bobber Sixty

Then again, power hardly ever matters with two-wheelers. It is the handling that matters, and nimble handling and low center of gravity (CG) are what Scout Bobber Sixty promised to deliver.

As far as look goes, it looks brilliant. It could be just me because, I have always have the thing for pared down look. Speaking of pared down look, the Scout Bobber Sixty is in fact stripped-down version of the Scout Bobber with a super cool, super sleek blacked-out styling to boot.

2020 Indian Motorcycle Scout Bobber Sixty

Features include a blacked-out engine, a modern tank badge, perch mount mirrors, stripped-down headlight, an all-black seat, and all-new five-spoke all-black wheels.

The stripped-down aesthetic also offers opportunities to custom the ride with over 140 authentic Indian Motorcycle accessories without making look like too many things are going on there. But seriously, don’t overdo it…

The 2020 Indian Motorcycle Scout Bobber Sixty is offered in Thunder Black and Thunder Black Smoke with ABS for a starting price of $8,999.

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All images courtesy of Indian Motorcycle.

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