A car that also flies is a flying car. What about a boat that drives on the roads? That would make it a ‘driving boat’, wouldn’t it? Or as the seller of this one-off example calls it, a “Boatcar”. And mind you, Boatcar is not a boat on a trailer. It is somehow a totally road legal car in the U.S.

1995 Other Makes Boat Car on eBay

Regular looking cars that sail too are not new, but the thing is, Boatcar ain’t amphibious. And it most certainly does not look like a car. The fact that it is an actual boat (or used to be) that you can drive on regular roads to drop kids off for soccer practice or pick up groceries is what makes it so special.

Yes. Boatcar is 100 percent real – even though it may feel like a cheat in a game of Grand Theft Auto 5. It is also an actual car. Under the 24-footer former seafaring Sea Ray boat hull is a 1995 Ford E-350 passenger van powered by its original V8 motor.

1995 Other Makes Boat Car on eBay

It was a custom job (obviously) which took six months to complete. Gone are the four-person cabin and in its place is a perpetual open-top 4-seater (2 single seat + 1 bench seat), decked out in marine-grade carpeting and vinyl. It is a street legal car and so it does have lights – headlight (just one, though), taillights and all. But the coolest part, IMHO, got to be the aft’s single screw which was left untouched.

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The Boatcar was listed on eBay for $55,000, but for reasons unknown to us, the listing was pulled by the seller (mrjeb18).

Images: eBay (mrjeb18).

Source: Autoblog.

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