Always wanted to get into a private jet, but never trust a small aircraft? The Limo-Jet, aka the Lear Jet Limousine, we saw nearly two years ago may be the answer to your fear of flying. It is a Lear Jet, alright, but one that sticks to the safety of the ground because, well, its a limousine, isn’t it?

The only street legal Lear Jet, now owned by Jettersetter Inc., is set to go under the hammer at the upcoming Indy 2020 auction organized by Mecum Auctions (Lot R201), set to happen between June 23 and 28, 2020.

It’s an auction. This means, you will have a shot in bringing this bizarre automobile (though nearly as bizarre as the Dickmobile) home.

Speaking of bring home, if you do win the auction, you’d be glad to know that the lot includes a 2017 Iron Bull 44-foot trailer that could fit the Lear Jet Limo comfortably and a 2015 Chevrolet 2500 Pickup truck with enough power to haul the trailer and the non-flying aircraft to wherever you want it to be.

Come to think of it. A jet plying the roads would mean it is a ‘driving aircraft’? You know like how we say “flying car”?

Limo-Jet 42’ Lear Jet Learmousine Concept Auction

Anywho, Limo-Jet 42’ Lear Jet Learmousine Concept is powered by 8.1L Chevrolet Vortex V8 pushing 400 ponies and pretty incredibly, rolls on just four custom 28-inch red and black Diablo wheels wrapped in Kumho 325/25 R28 rubbers.

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A few other notables include hydro-boosted brakes, deep bucket seat with harness for driver, 18 diamond-stitched leather seats, infinity floor, a built-in refreshment center, a boatload of cup holders, red carbon fiber-look trim, four screens for outboard cameras, and dazzling amount of internal and external effects through Showtime Audio 17,000 watt audio/visual system that features a 42-inch plasma TV, multiple light panels and a plethora of speakers both inside and outside.

You can learn more about the Limo-Jet 42’ Lear Jet Learmousine Concept at Jettersetter website as well as on Mecum Auctions lot detail page.

Images: Jettersetter/Mecum Auctions.

Source: Neatorama.

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