Let your Batman fandom show even at this difficult time with the Batman Vs Bat-Laughs-Man Fashion Face Mask (actually, that should be The Batman Who Laughs, the so-called “Jokerized” version of Batman).

If you know who The Batman Who Laughs is, then you are a major fan and this washable and reusable face mask should appeal to you. While it may not be a surgical mask or N95-grade, a mask at a time like this is better no mask at all.

Batman Vs Bat-Laughs-Man Fashion Face Mask

So, if you want to protect yourself and others when you are out for essentials, why not make a fashion statement?

We do not know the origin, but judging from the images posted, we’d say it is the same source as the Batman Beyond example we saw yesterday. The description did not explicitly say it, but it appears to come with a replaceable filter.

Anywho… we will let you be your own judge. We feature this because we thought the graphics on it was pretty amazing. Well, that’s if you as big of a Batman fan as us… You can get yours today for $8.65 plus shipping.

Batman Vs Bat-Laughs-Man Fashion Face Mask

Images: Amazon.

Hat tip: Toy Hype USA.

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