With a little ingenuity, pretty much anything can be turned into a weapon. Even cardboards – as proven by the incredibly talented YouTuber, The Q. The Q here is not quite the Q from Bond movies, but I am pretty sure if this dude is given the resources Q had in the movies, he will probably be as brilliant as the fictional Q, if not more brilliant. I am serious. Just take a look his portfolio. Tell me you aren’t a wee bit impressed. Many of The Q’s projects are crazy awesome, but this one here is the best in proving that cardboard can be dangerous too.

What The Q did was using cardboard as the main ingredient to create a replica of the iconic M202 FLASH, a four-barrel rocket launcher as seen in the 1985 movie Commando starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The most impressive part is not the look (nice touch with the nylon carrying handle, tho), but it is the fact that this “most powerful 4 barreled rocket launcher” actually works. However, instead of launching deadly (and super cruel) incendiary rounds, this cardboard and PVC pipes contraption fires small plastic soda bottles and from the look of it, it does make quite a serious punch. So, if you are going to DIY yourself, please do so responsibly.

And now, catch the build process and the demo here:

Image: The Q.

via The Awesomer.

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