Floating Tensegrity Chair Totally Works, But You Gotta Seat On It Very Gently

I am sure you have seen enough of the tensegrity structures that went viral a couple of months ago. For the uninitiated, tensegrity is a structure that uses tensional integrity aka floating compression to enable isolated components to kind of magically stay afloat with just flexible ropes or strings.

The Q Turned A Regular Computer Monitor Into A Wooden Monitor

YouTube channel, The Q, has over 10 million subscribers. Not surprising given that he haven’t stop dishing out mind-blowing DIY stuff. One of his latest creations, while not as outlandish as the hoverboard with actual F1 wheels and bicycle with legs for rear wheels, is a thing of beauty. Because, wood works.

Forget About Formula 1-inspired Hoverboard. Here’s One With Actual Formula 1 Wheels

Formula 1-inspired hoverboard looks cool and all. It has the nosecone, front wings and sleek lines that makes it recognizable as F1-inspired, but it does not have actual Formula 1 wheels, does it? Nope. It doesn’t.

This Wheels Of This Bicycle Have PVC Glass Instead Spoke, Makes Them Look Like They Are Floating

There are reasons why hub-less wheels did not catch on and why spokes are still widely used. Spokes in two-wheelers like bicycles and motorcycles also serve to absorb some form of shock.

Someone Modified A Bicycle To Have Walking Legs Inspired By Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest

Remember Theo Jansen’s incredible kinetic sculpture, Strandbeest (which also happens to have a toy version)? Well, YouTuber/maker extraordinaire most noted for creating stuff out of cardboard, The Q, has incorporate that complex walking mechanism into… a bicycle. Yes! A walking bicycle!

PS4 Pro Customized Look With Hydro Dipping Looks Dope, But Seriously, Don’t Do It

The Q, the YouTuber better known for making stuff out of cardboard, recently posted a video of him taking a dip at hydro dipping. For his dipping adventure, he gave his PS4 Pro and the controller a unique new look.

Here’s How To Make A LEGO Minifigure Costume For This Halloween

The day when you dress to kill (not literally, though some do… just saying) is upon us again and if you are still brooding over what to dress up as, how does a life-size LEGO minifigure sounds? Well, it may not scare away ghosts that roam the Earth on this day, but it will certainly […]

Q Made A Cardboard Airsoft Landmine That Sends Out Fire And Smokes

I am not sure if a cardboard version of an airsoft landmine will be of any help in holding the fort in a paintball or NERF battle, but it sure looks like a fun addition. Created by the man who make all-things out of cardboard, The Q, the Cardboard Airsoft Landmine is unbelievably simple to […]

How To Make A Functional Commando’s M202 FLASH-like Rocket Launcher

With a little ingenuity, pretty much anything can be turned into a weapon. Even cardboards – as proven by the incredibly talented YouTuber, The Q. The Q here is not quite the Q from Bond movies, but I am pretty sure if this dude is given the resources Q had in the movies, he will […]