Hoverboard with Formula 1 Wheels by The Q

Formula 1-inspired hoverboard looks cool and all. It has the nosecone, front wings and sleek lines that makes it recognizable as F1-inspired, but it does not have actual Formula 1 wheels, does it? Nope. It doesn’t.

Want a hoverboard with actual Formula 1 wheels? However ridiculous it may sounds, you actually could – if you do what The Q did. So, yeah, The Q’s latest project is a hoverboard shoved with oversized-for-hoverboard Formula 1 wheels and tires.

Hoverboard with Formula 1 Wheels by The Q

And it actually looks pretty cool. Just enjoy the video of the man putting the hoverboard under the knife. Try not to question how he managed to secure those wheels. Are they even authentic even?

I guess it does not matter because, looking cool is all that matters. Also, I wonder how long before the motor decides to give.

Images: YouTube (The Q).