There are bags and footwear that are versatile enough to be used both in office and for outdoor adventure, and why not pants? Well, now there is. Meet Satu Adventure Pants from Outdoor Vitals.

Satu Adventure Pants by Outdoor Vitals

If you ask me, I’d say a pair of pants presentable in formal environment like the office that you could take straight to the wilderness is pretty hard to do.

Perhaps, that is the reason why nobody does that. Nobody until Outdoor Vitals decided to do so. Satu Adventure Pants is the result.

It is the perfect marriage between the comfort of outdoor materials and the design of office clothing.

Satu Adventure Pants by Outdoor Vitals

It features a custom athletic fit that affords a maximum range of motions without the oh-too-obvious loose outdoor pant look, and yet, it looks just as sleek for boardrooms.

Satu is crafted from Japanese designed Replex Stretch fabric with no spandex in the mix. This result in an ultra lightweight apparel while boasting super-fast dry time.

With Satu, getting from office straight into the woods require one less piece of garment to change. That’s not to mention you will have one less clothing to take up your space-starved wardrobe.

Satu Adventure Pants by Outdoor Vitals

If you are so inclined, you may want to join the 2,000 plus backers on Kickstarter in pre-order Satu Adventure Pants. Prices start at $104.

There are several perks to choose from, but I will leave it to you to explore. The campaign is funded and so, if all goes as planned, you could rocking this dual purpose pants in October 2020.

Satu Adventure Pants by Outdoor Vitals

All images courtesy of Outdoor Vitals.

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