Originally created as a tool for solving structural problem of moving parts independently without causing the entire mechanism to fall apart by Ernő Rubik, Rubik’s Cube became a worldwide phenomena in the 80s. It has inspired many variants. Fast forward to 2020, we now have fruit-shaped Rubik’s Cube. Yup. Believe it.

Fanxin Fruit Shaped Rubik’s Cube

Fruit Shaped Rubik’s Cube (not the official name, btw) is a product of a Chinese company, Fanxin, specializing in puzzle game and it is most definitely not affiliated to Rubik’s Cube. It’s official name is, I believe, IQ Brick which is nothing flashy, but tells the purpose of the toy.

While Fanxin IQ Brick uses the similar principle as Rubik’s Cube, it is obviously not in the shape of a cube (because, peach, orange, lemon and so on). It comes in a variety of flavors, including the aforementioned peach, orange and lemon, along with pear, apple, and even banana. Banana!

Fanxin Fruit Shaped Rubik’s Cube

Fanxin IQ Bricks aka Fruit Shaped Rubik’s Cube can be had for US$16 from Brando.com (it’s has been awhile since we feature anything from this prominent lifestyle store, isn’t it?). You can also find it on SpeedCubeShop selling as a bundle for US$17.95. If you prefer, you can also pick it up a set of four for US$19.99 on Amazon.com.

Fanxin Fruit Shaped Rubik’s Cube

Images: Amazon/Brando.

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