Nike Basketball Elite Series Shoes

Nike Basketball Elite Series
(photos: Nike) Nike Elite Series Shoes | from US$200.00 |

carbon fiber and Kevlar are cutting edge materials that are more commonly associated with automotive and military, respectively. so, they are not something you would find in fashion wear or sports wear, for that matter. however, those are exactly the materials that are being used on the Nike Elite Series Shoes, which should put a smile on any carbon fiber and/or Kevlar aficionados. these shoes come in three flavors that include Lebron 9 PS, Zoom Kobe VII System, and Zoom Hyperdunk and are available in two colorways: black or predominantly white, with both sporting accents of carbon fiber/Kevlar and the golden swoosh branding. common key features of these sneakers include Nike’s Flywire infused with Kevlar, super-light carbon fiber strategically used in key areas for stability and quicker reaction time, Nike Pro-Combat padding for enhanced comfort and excellent impact protection, and believe it or not, stretch-resistant Kevlar laces. unlike automotive with such fancy fusion of materials that usually don’t see the light of production, these Nike Elite Series Shoes are ready for your taking with a sticker of $200 for Zoom Kobe VII System and Zoom Hyperdunk, and $250 for the Lebron 9 PS. unfortunately, at the time of writing, both colors of the Lebron 9 PS are already sold out. check out a gallery of larger views after the break.

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