Flashing LED Eyelashes Are A Thing Because, Why Not?

When it comes to fashion, it is far from futuristic. Rightfully, it need not be, but that’s not what sci-fi novels and movies have thought us. Truth be told, we don’t even have a clear concept of what constitutes to futuristic fashion. Perhaps, a dress that displays tweets, or one that, for some reasons, turn […]

Virgin Galactic’s Pilots Will Be Wearing This Designer’s Space Suit

Richard Branson is never known to be the forerunner in style. I mean, his fashion choice is ok and whatever he does thus far with respect to style for his businesses are quite alright. But when it comes to his space travel venture, i.e. Virgin Galactic, style plays an important role. In this case, travel […]

Big Mac Fans, You Can Now Wear Your Favorite Double Patty Sandwich Too

What do a global fast food chain does when its earning goes downhill? More promotion and advertising perhaps? But not in the case of McDonald Sweden. Ok, maybe they did dabble with the conventional market-saving strategies, but one thing for sure, McDonald Sweden has embarked on a brand new approach, which evidently targets at (very […]

Marshall Marches into Fashion Market with Marshall Clothing Collection

After supplying musicians with amplification systems for over half a century and consumers with headphones and speakers in recent time, the iconic name in rock Marshall is gearing up to offer you clothing too. Yes. You heard us. Apparels, which in itself is a totally uncharted territory for the 50 year-old England-based company. The collection, […]

You Can Wrap a Bacon Around Your Neck Without Getting Oily, Well, That’s If You’re Really Into Bacon

How big a fan are you of bacons? If your answer is insanely huge, well, then the Fou Lard Bacon Silk Scarf is the must-have fashion accessory for you. Designed by Natalie Luder, Fou Lard Bacon Silk Scarf is a clever play of words too. In French, “Foulard” essentially means “scarf”, which is what the […]

Custom Men’s Wear Label, Marcella, Extends Its Reach into the U.S. Market With Flagship Store In New York

no two person are born with the same physical size, which means apparels are never one-size-fits all and going on tailor made route seems like a logical move if you want something actually fits your body. the only problem is, bespoke custom apparels for men are usually reserved for the elite few, but Singapore-based label, […]

Thanks To ORION4Sight, You Can Now Enjoy Eyewear Technology As Used By The U.S. Military

you know what they say? if you want the best gears, use what the military uses and in particular what the U.S. Army uses. it is no secret that this world superpower spare no expenses in equipping their soldiers and so if you are in the market for a pair of sunglasses, naturally there is […]

This Belt Has A Built-in Bottle Opener And Can Help Start A Fire Too

myth: belt is for holding up your pants. ok, maybe it is not a myth per se if you are an urban dweller cos’ that’s what a belt does, but if adventure is what you seek, you are going to need a belt that goes beyond holding up your pants and for that, Survival Belt […]

Alton Lane Uses 3D Body Scanner To Create Perfect Bespoke Fitted Clothes

don’t worry, these are not security body scanners and they are certainly not x-ray scanners either, but what bespoke fitted clothing maker Alton Lane uses is an advanced 360-degree body scanner, rigged with 32 sensors to produce an avatar of you (basically, wire-mesh version of you) with over 160 different body measurements. these data, along […]