Finland’s First Skateboarding School Set To Open For Business In 2021

Most parents will frown upon “careers” that do not have or require formal educations. That’s fact. If that’s how parents think, then I suppose for young skateboarders who wish to skateboard for a living in Finland, parents may approve their kids of a skateboarding future.

Meanwhile In Russia… Butt Slapping Championships Is A Thing Now

If you think men rushing to climb slippery poles or hurl tomatoes at each other is absolutely bizarre, well, I guess you ain’t see nothing yet. Back in March, Russia made headlines for its super weird Male Slapping Championships. Yes. You heard that right. A competition where men slap each other silly. That was one […]

Tennis Esport Returns For Second Edition And Yes, It Is A Thing

If you haven’t already heard, Tennis esport is a thing. In fact, it is more than a thing. It even has a gaming tournament that is now on its second edition. Roland Garros, BNP Paribas and BIGBEN have announced the second edition of the Roland-Garros eSeries by BNP Paribas, which will see competitive esport athletes […]

Esports Will Be A Medal Event At 2019 SEA Games In Philippines

It is official. Esports (basically competitive video gaming) is officially inducted into a regional sporting event, specifically the 30th Southeast Asian Games (30th SEA Games), to be held in the Philippines. The biennial regional multi-sport event in 2019 will see eleven countries in Southeast Asia competing in a range of sports that is set to […]

What To Wear To Your First Ever Football Game And Useful Advice

If you’ve reached double figures and still not been to a football match, you’re probably wondering where to start. If your partner has decided to take you along to the next NFL game, you’d better start getting ready. Attending football games in the US is a national pastime and something the whole family gets involved […]

Here Are Some Unique Interests You Can Explore Online

With so much access to unique and interesting things on the Internet these days, it’s a shame that many people limit themselves to traditional hobbies and are still afraid to take a more open-minded look at their lives. You can truly explore yourself and expand your interests in amazing ways today, and all it takes […]

6-minute Video Of Daredevil Wingsuit Flyers Gave Us The Cringe

Here’s a 6-minute plus video of daredevil wingsuit flyers doing their things. I am sure most people will be familiar with wingsuit. If you don’t, here’s what Wingsuit is about: it is a flying squirrel-like suit that lets its wearer glide through the air when dropped (or jumped) from height instead of plummeting straight down […]

British Teen Placed First In The Inaugural World Drone Prix In Dubai

I bet when the first person who came up with the idea of quadcopter didn’t imagine it would one day become a sport, much less one that pays. It is not like there aren’t any drone racing going on today; there are, but the pay out to the winning teams are probably not at the […]

Droneboarding Is Definitely Not Going To Be An X-Games Sport

We familiar with sports involving boards and towing, such as kiteboarding and wake boarding, for examples. And somewhere in between these two sports, there’s an emerging board sport that crosses path with technology and it is known as droneboarding. It takes no effort to imagine what it is. That’s right, droneboarding is what it says […]

Babolat Play Pure Drive Connected Racquet

what else isn’t connected these days? sports, for example, are pretty much connected, which enables you to keep track of your performance in sporting activities such as cycling, running, or swimming with the help of sensors and companion smartphone apps. now even tennis is getting its fair share of performance