Gucci Mickey Mouse Guitar Case

Back in May, we saw some Gucci-branded guitar cases at the Capitoline Museums. We were like. OK. Gucci guitar case. Cool. Save for the obvious 70s, Woodstock vibe, there was nothing much to see. We just moved along. Then yesterday, we came across this: Gucci Mickey Mouse Guitar Case.

Was this at the show? We weren’t at the show, but going through the photos from the show, we did see a handful of guitar cases, but we definitely did not see this particular case. Did we missed something?

Anywho, this guitar case definitely had our attention because, Mickey. Apparently, it is part of the brand’s Cruise 2020 collection (as with the rest of the guitar cases you may have seen previously) and it is designed by creative director Alessandro Michele. We know next to nothing about this example.

Gucci Mickey Mouse Guitar Case

What we know is what we can make out of the lone image. Speaking of image… we did a reverse image search, our source and our source’s source ( popped up. No other media appeared to have this image.

We further Googled it. Nothing. There were mentioned of Gucci Guitar Case(s), but they are not this guitar case.

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Anyways, we love the repeating Mickey Mouse print on the Gucci pattern against the light brown background. The leather badge serves as a centerpiece of the case and it appears to have golden hardware. I am not 100 percent sure. The words “Gucci Band” are presented in a very Woodstock-ish font.

According to Luxury Launches, Gucci Mickey Mouse Guitar Case will sell for around $9,188 (a figure presumably converted from UAE currency), but exactly when it will be made available to rich hippies is not known.

Images: Gucci (maybe?).

Source: Luxury Launches.