We feel bad for not coming out with the annual gift guide for two years (or was it three?) in a row. Please accept our most sincere apologies. But we did let you in on some pretty cool stuff along the way, didn’t we?

Speaking of gifting, here’s a super dope idea for your packaging: Prank Gift Boxes. Sorry to break it to you that Roto Wipe does not exist. Honestly, I can’t imagine if it did (exist). Roto Wipe is one of the several Prank Gift Boxes by Prank Pack.

If we did get your attention with this ridiculously bizarre “product”. Imagine the reaction of whoever is receiving the gift! It will be an absolute gold to see their reaction when they unwrap the present.

Roto Wipe is joined by other bizarre non-existence products, including fart filter, plant urinal (for urinating on a potted plant), toilet tunes speaker and speaker, and a portable, eco-friendly urinal called Yourinal.

So, take your pick. Just remember, there’s no product inside the box. It is just a prank gift box. Get it for $7.99 a pop on Amazon.

Images: Prank-O.

Source: This Is Why I’m Broke.

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