USS Enterprise Christmas Tree Topper Is A Huge Tree Topper With Lights And Sound

Do you like Star Trek. Do you really, really, really like Star Trek? If so, be prepared to bust your wallet for this impressive Christmas tree topper: Hallmark Keepsake Star Trek USS Enterprise Christmas Topper. This thing is humongous. It measures 6.59 x 9.89 x 15 inches (17 x 25 x 38 cm) and weighs …

Shouts Presents A Quick Christmas Gift Ideas 2020 Edition

Here it is. Our curated gift ideas for anyone who are still clueless on what to buy for this Holiday season. We kind of late on this one. Then again, we haven’t been putting up an official list for a few years now. This year, we are going on the budget and gift ideas that …

Kids Wanted Cash For Christmas, So Dad Make Toy Blister Packaging To Gift The Cash

Hats off to one father, Twitter user Donnachaidha O’Chionnaigh (@TwoClawsMedia), who got super creative when all his kids wanted for Christmas this year was cash as instead of toys like every other kids.

Hide Your Real Gift Inside These Prank Gift Boxes And Watch The Reaction Of Your Friends

We feel bad for not coming out with the annual gift guide for two years (or was it three?) in a row. Please accept our most sincere apologies. But we did let you in on some pretty cool stuff along the way, didn’t we?

Family Christmas Gift Guide 2019: What to Buy!

It’s that time of year again, sleigh bells ring, snow is glistening, et cetera, et cetera. and the credit card bill is bulging and the bank balance emptying! So what are the best gifts to buy for all the wonderful people in your life who are eagerly waiting to see what their gifts are going …

Don’t Know What To Buy For Kids This Christmas? Have A Look At eBay’s Digital Toy Book Then

We were struggling to put together a Christmas Gift Guide (which haven’t been doing since 2015), but thankfully, someone already did the job for us. Granted, they are all from one place, but hey, if its ideas that you are after, then there’s no harm taking a look at eBay’s Digital Toy Book.

6 Crowd Pleasing Christmas Presents

There are times in life when, for one reason or another, you might need to buy a Christmas present for somebody that you do not know that well. It could be an in-law, a new work colleague or even a brand-new love interest. On these occasions, it may be necessary to pick a gift option …

Funny Holiday Gag Gift: Snow Globe Sweaters AKA Hooter Heaters

The Snow Globe Sweaters you see here is so hilarious that I don’t even know how begin this post. No, these are not winter hats for your G.I. Joe action figures. The name is intentionally misleading because, telling people those are actually nipple sweaters may offend some.

Here It Is. Our Bold, Spanking New Christmas Gift Guide 2016 Edition!

It is the time of the year again. A time of gifting (yay!) which means, it is also a time that many Earthlings are scratching their head over what to buy for their love ones. If you happen to be one of those Earthlings, well, fear not cos’ what-to-buy gift superhero Capitan MikeShouts is here …

10 Geeky Christmas Tree Toppers To Showoff The Geek In You

The time of the year is drawing close and you know what that means. This means you should be busy acquiring gifts and also thinking about how to spruce up your Christmas tree. Speaking of Christmas tree, why should you settle for the norm when you can express your geekiness through that tree which you …