It’s that time of year again, sleigh bells ring, snow is glistening, et cetera, et cetera. and the credit card bill is bulging and the bank balance emptying! So what are the best gifts to buy for all the wonderful people in your life who are eagerly waiting to see what their gifts are going to be!

This family Christmas gift guide is going to go through some ideas for each part of the family and have a look at what is popular and trending this holiday season.

Family Christmas Gift Guide 2019
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Kids Gifts
This can easily be the most treacherous section of the gift buying process. Kids’ toys are expensive and tastes can change in an instant. What your little darlings are mad for one moment is soooooo not cool the next! There are cool mixtures of tech and traditional such as the Owleez, an odd but exciting mix of an owl toy which is also a drone! For girls, LOL dolls are still hugely popular. For boys’ toys, remote control items seem to be in this year as well as old favorites such as Lego and Nerf witch never go away.

Friends & Co-Workers
Well, why did we put this section in? You couldn’t be asked to navigate a wider section than friends and co-workers. This can range from a decision that needs to be personal and considerate for a lifelong friend to a funny and trivial matter such as secret Santa in the office. Just so long as you don’t get the boss! If it’s the friend then you’ll know what they like, they may even have been laying heavy hints. One thing that’s important to steer clear of with close friends is the gift voucher which shows a real lack of thought and imagination, get something nice, even if small, like pocket squares.

Your Partner
This is the one that can make or break the holiday season. If you’ve been together a long time it may be fine to ask the question if there is anything they’ve been needing or wanting? This can avoid disappointment and gets them exactly what they want. If it is a much newer relationship it’s often a nicer idea to come up with something which shows you’ve given it real thought and will also be a complete surprise. Things like romantic trips away always go down well or jewelry. One area to avoid is practical household items such as kitchen appliances, this is sure to put you in the bad books unless this a specific request.

The Extended Family
Now the extended family is both easy to buy for in some ways, as the expectation level is not quite as high. But then again, it may also prove to be difficult as you don’t always know them as well. The other issue here is knowing what budget to spend, as you don’t want to seem too cheap, however, if they spend much more on your present then you feel bad. So either go for something safe like clothes or accessories or even ask their partners if there is anything they need or would like.

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