It will come a time a cooler will reach the end of its life and what happens after that would be yet another plastic trash. And we know how plastic is slowly but surely killing our lovely blue marble. Not all hope is lost, though. Not if Wooly Mammoth Eco-friendly Cooler can help it.

No. Wooly Mammoth (‘wooly’ isn’t a typo, btw) isn’t in the shape of the majestic prehistoric animal. It has a regular cooler form, but that’s about the similarity it has with typical coolers.

Wooly Mammoth Eco-friendly Cooler

It is the first cooler designed with the environment in mind and it is also world’s first wool-insulated recyclable cooler. Which is kind of cool (Pun not intended).

The main hardware is of stainless steel and aluminum – both which are easily recyclable. Moreover, it can be disassembled so that you replace parts to extend its lifespan (repairability!) and it also makes it easy to recycle in the event the product has reached the end of its life.

The wool insulation can keep food cool for up to three days. It is totally biodegradable and therefore, when the time has come to discard it, you know it is not going to be an environment nuisance.

Wooly Mammoth Eco-friendly Cooler

On the functional aspect, it has a lid that can also serve as a cutting board and a tackle box-style hinge that maintains the cutting board in level plane, so you can still access the cooler’s content without disturbing whatever that’s up top.

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A few other notables include latching handle, bamboo handle grip, bamboo cutting surface, removable sandwich tray, and natural rubber gasket to seal in the coolness.

Wooly Mammoth Eco-friendly Cooler

Wooly Mammoth Eco-friendly Cooler is not a thing yet. Wooly Street, the startup behind this brilliant sustainable cooler, has taken to Kickstarter to raise fund to take the cooler to production.

A pledge of $175 or more will secure you a unit for September 2020 delivery. Not going to lie. The timeline is not particularly attractive, plus it isn’t cheap as far as cooler goes. But hey, you know you won’t give up camping and picnics, so why not do so with a thought for the environment?

Wooly Mammoth Eco-friendly Cooler

All images courtesy of Wool Street.

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