EAVcool Cargo eCargo Bike

I am pretty sure you have seen cargo bikes zipping around in the cities. However, EAVcool Cargo is NOT any old how cargo bike. For starter, it is a quadracycle. Meaning it has four wheels and yes, it is a pedal-assisted cycle.

Also unlike traditional bikes, it has a van-like design with a proper cargo compartment and a cabin that shields the cyclist from the elements. Wait, is it still a bike? It most certainly is. Those are just icing on the cake.

EAVcool Cargo is the first fully temperature-controlled eCargo bike that is designed to move chilled or frozen goods within a city. Now, if that isn’t literally the coolest eBike… sorry for the bad pun. We just can’t help ourselves…

EAVcool Cargo eCargo Bike

Anyways, this 2 meter long and a meter wide vehicle tips the scales at just 120 kg (265 lbs), but yet, it has a payload of the same weight, i.e. 120 kg.

Here’s how EAVcool works:

“Using an e-nertia boost button, a 250 watt motor helps the rider accelerate up to an initial 6kph (3.7 mph) and then on to a maximum pedal-assisted 25 kph (15 mph). The EAVcool can cover a range of up to 60 miles in a day and then be recharged using a normal 13amp, 240v plug socket. Batteries can also be swapped to keep the EAVcool in constant use but are fully re-charged in under 6 hours.”

The cold storage, developed in collaboration with Lancashire-based Solomon Commercials, boasts two independent zones for frozen (down to minus 18) and chilled product. And mind you, this ain’t no chill box. The temperature is controlled by a 12V coming system from Dometic.

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EAVcool Cargo is a product of Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited (EAV), the company that has some seriously cool commercial transportation ideas for cities that’s light on the environment and infrastructure.

EAV is currently seeking fund to further their endeavor over at Seedrs. So, if you want a piece of the company, you may want to consider investing in it.

Images: Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited.