Audi Partnered With Fantic For Its First-ever Electric Mountain Bike

It has been a while since we last wrote about Audi e-mobility products. We have no idea what was released between now and the Audi e-tron scooter but we do know Audi isn’t stopping. Audi has recently revealed that it is expanding its e-mobility products, starting with marque’s very first electric mountain bike, simply called …

Muji x Sundiro Honda Electric Bicycle: Made By Honda, Designed By Muji

We saw the news about a Muji x Honda electric bicycle last week. But as always, we need to know the source. The fact that it wasn’t posted on Honda Japan and Honda Global made us even more curious. As it turns out, this moped-style two-wheeler is a collaboration between Japanese lifestyle brand Muji and …

ONYX Motorbikes CTY2 Electric Bicycle/Moped: So Modern, Yet So Nostalgic

It is a fine line between what is an electric bicycle and what is a moped. A moped is used to refer to a vehicle with both bicycle pedals and a motorcycle engine. But with electric motors, mopeds and electric bicycles are indistinguishable from one another. But whether or not the ONYX CTY2 is an …

Here Are Some Interesting Electric Mobility Concepts Pitched By BMW And Its Partners

BMW Motorrad aka BMW Motorcycles is pitching two interesting electric two-wheelers called BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY and a high-speed pedelec bicycle, BMW i Vision AMBY. AMBY, in case anyone’s wondering, stands for “Adaptive Mobility”.

Different Types Of Bicycles To Choose From

Bicycles are one of the oldest means of transportation that are still relevant today, primarily due to their high convenience and efficiency. However, over the years, bikes have come a long way from their pedal-less wooden precursors. Now, bikes have branched to solve different purposes and are constructed with highly durable and lightweight materials.