Long before Peugeot started making automobiles, it has been making bicycles. It was one of the oldest bicycle manufacturers today. Clearly, its longevity is not a freak of nature; it is because this bicycle maker never stops innovating and the truth can be said today which saw the bike maker going electric and connected. Speaking of which, Peugeot Cycles has just launched a whole new range of connected electrically assisted bicycles, geared towards families and professionals.

Peugeot Cycles Digital e-Bike

The new connected, electrically assisted bicycles announced include a city bike (Digital e-Bike), a “Longtail” type cargo bike (Digital e-Longtail), and a bi-carrier type cargo bike (Digital e-Front Load). The Digital e-Bike is pretty much self-explanatory. Though I have to say it does have a rather avant-garde aesthetic.

Meanwhile, the Digital e-Longtail features an elongated rear perfect for a family’s grocery run or ferrying a couple of children. The Digital e-Front Load, on the other hand, has an extended front wheelbase to accommodate a crate that can fit up to three children or any heavy loads. Both cargo e-bikes are also suited for businesses for making deliveries too.

Peugeot Cycles Digital e-Longtail

All the newly announced connected electric bicycles will benefit from a new dedicated smartphone app that provides access to adaptive electric assistance, the anti-theft system, the alarm, the geolocation of the bike, real-time navigation, weather forecasts at the destination, route statistics, and more.

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The new connected electric bicycles will be designed and produced by startup Beweel which will also market the bicycles through its own distribution channels.

The new Peugeot Cycles Connected Electric Bicycles were presented at the PRO-DAYS show from July 02 to 04, 2023, at Paris Exhibition, Porte de Versailles.

Peugeot Cycles Digital e-Front Load
Peugeot Cycles Smartphone App

Images: Peugeot Cycles.

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