Peugeot Cycles has added a new Peugeot eLC01 Electric Bicycle to its catalog. The Peugeot eLC01 e-Bike is new being offered with larger 26-inch wheels in larger frame sizes M and S to better accommodate taller person.

For those who aren’t aware eLC01 is an urban electrically-assisted bike, aka pedal assist bike. In eLC01, the ‘e’ stands for electric, ‘L’ for Legend, ‘C’ for city and ’01’ denotes that it is of top-of-the-range.

Peugeot Cycles eLC01 e-Bike with 26” Wheels

Peugeot eLC01’s ‘neo-retro’ design disguises its modern technology. Standard specifications include an eight-speed transmission, a 400 kW motor, up to 43 miles (69 km) of range, and brake discs all-round.

Peugeot eLC01 e-Bike with 26” Wheels can be had from, as well as at Peugeot Cycles retailers, for €1,499 (about US$1,625).

Peugeot Cycles eLC01 e-Bike with 26” Wheels

Images: Peugeot Cycles.

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