Peugeot Designed Latitude 46 Tofinou 9.7 Sailboat And Gillardeau Food Bike

Peugeot Design Lab is no stranger to designing everything outside of automobile. It has dabbled in designing helicopter’s interior, a really cool but uncomfortable-looking sofa, and even the cockpit for boats. Now, we hear that it has its hands in designing boat maker Latitude 46’s new sailboat too, as well as, believe it or not, […]

Is It Just Me Or The Peugeot e-Legend Concept Does Look Like A Mustang?

This is Peugeot e-LEGEND CONCEPT, the French automaker’s vision of the future of driving that’s boring. Peugeot said it has a “realistic and radically modern template.” In other words, it is car with a form that may materialize, eventually, unlike many such “vision” concepts. I am talking about you BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Anyways, regarding the […]

Peugeot Worked With Beneteau Boats To Put i-Cockpit Into Boats

You know Peugeot is dead serious about pushing its i-Cockpit to the auto industry when it decided to stick their hands into designing cockpits for sea-faring vessel too. In an announcement made late last year, the French automaker unveiled the Sea Drive Concept in collaboration with French boat maker Beneteau Boats. Designed and built by […]

Peugeot Unveils A Radically New Sedan And An Adventure-seeking Van-like SUV

I think I may not be able to write much because, I may be too excited. Now, the thing is, I am not usually thrilled by Peugeot automobiles, but here we have are two rides that managed to tickle my fancy somewhat. The first is an all-new, and may we say, radical, sedan designated Peugeot […]

Peugeot Returns To The Pickup Truck Market With New Pickup Truck

Well, what do you know? Peugeot is making a comeback in the pickup market since after pulling the plug more than a decade ago. Not surprisingly, the French automaker is eyeing on the Africa market, a region where it had quite a foothold before winding it all up in 2005, for its return. However, this […]

LEGO, Please Make This Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Catching Air A Reality

There’s no lacking of MOCs that revolves around avid creators’ favorite cars, but one that’s designed to showcase the car catching some air? Well, that is something you don’t see everyday and as such, it is easy to see why it got picked up by our source rather enthusiastically (maybe ‘enthusiastically’ is an understatement here). […]

Boeing Partners With Peugeot Design Lab to Create A Helicopter

Peugeot Design Lab is unlike any automobile design house. First of all, it is own and operated by the French automaker and secondly, it does a whole lot more than turning up fancy cars. It has food truck, timepiece, collectible toys, jewelry, piano, furniture and more, under its growing design portfolio. Now, it can proudly […]

2016 Peugeot Dakar Rally Car is Bigger, Lower, More Powerful, and Post-apocalyptic-looking

We don’t always feature rally cars, but when we do, you can bet that it is one heck of a looker, like this new Dakar Rally from Peugeot for 2016 season. Ok, maybe it didn’t look all that different from this year’s, but it does feature several improvements. It is bigger, specifically longer and wider, […]

You Can Experience 0-62 MPH in 1.73 Secs with Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo

“The world of concept cars is somewhat elitist. But this time we wanted you to be the driver (of a concept car),” said Peugeot Design Chief, Gilles Vidal. Whether you wake up everyday to caviar spread or just an ordinary folks who rub shoulders with others on a public transport, Peugeot latest supercar is yours […]

Peugeot Introduces Two 308 GT With Two Dynamic Engine Options

lets just skip pass the market mambo jambo that comes standard with any automobile press release. Peugeot has a couple of new performance 308s, which the French automaker labeled as GT. the first is a regular hatch and the other being a station wagon. yes. a station wagon GT. sounds like fun to us. fresh […]