Traveling is an imaginable thing to do at this point. But that does not stop Peugeot and Samsonite from going ahead with announcing their co-branded carry-on suitcase.

Peugeot x Samsonite Hand Luggage

When we say “co-branded”, it really is co-branded because, the Peugeot x Samsonite Hand Luggage is essentially the Samsonite C-Lite model slapped on with the new Peugeot logo.

It really is just an addition of a logo. Even the press release did not hide the fact, but what the hell? If you need to travel and you pledge your allegiance to the Lion marque, then I suppose the Peugeot x Samsonite Hand Luggage is a must-have.

Peugeot x Samsonite Hand Luggage

Plus, Samsonite C-Lite model is in itself a pretty suitcase with its iconic shell-shaped design, CURV material, four wheels, and double tube telescopic handle and telescopic handle handle.

Even more importantly, the price is about the same as regular C-Lite at €399 (about US$470) and so, if you need a carry-on, then why not?

Images: Peugeot.

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