Doraemon x Gucci Capsule Collection: Adorable And Classy At The Same Time

What are the odds that a high-fashion lover is also a big fan of Doraemon? I’d say its rare. Hello Kitty absolutely. But probably not for an anime/manga that is less international like Doraemon. Then again, looking at what Doraemon x Gucci Capsule Collection has to offer, perhaps even non-fan of the cat-like robot will […]

This Suitcase Has No Fancy Tech. It has Aircrew’s Proven Usability And Features

There are fancy, high-tech suitcases and regular, affordable suitcases, and then there are suitcases designed by those who use it almost every single day. So, who do you trust? Obviously, the latter. I mean, a person, such as an airline pilot, couldn’t be more qualify to say what makes a good suitcase, right?

Samsara Luggage’s Next Gen Suitcase Has GPS, Bluetooth And It Is A WiFi Hotspot Too

What kind of business are you in that requires to work even while waiting for your flight? That’s super cruel, but who am I to judge, right? If you really need to make airport your makeshift office, make sure you are geared up with a suitcase like the high-tech Samsara Next Gen Suitcase to do […]

G-RO The Six Completely Rethinks Carry-on Suitcase, Wants You To Push Instead Of Pull

This is The Six, the latest suitcase from young suitcase maker, G-RO. What makes The Six special is not fancy gizmo built into it. In fact, it has none of those. What it has to offer is an awesome, well-thought out design that promised to make traveling with your carry-on a less wrist-tormenting one.

Montblanc x Pirelli Luggage Collection At 2019 Chinese Grand Prix

Germany writing instrument maker Montblanc is not exactly the name in luggage and so is Italian tire maker, Pirelli, but here it is anyways, the Montblanc x Pirelli Luggage Collection. And boy, are they looking pretty damn sweet. They are sleek in typical Montblanc fashion. Unveiled on the even of the Chinese Grand Prix in […]

Rollux Is A Carry-on And A Full-size Suitcase Rolled Into One

I don’t travel a lot, but when I do travel, I almost always find myself running out of suitcase space on the returning trip. When that happens, I use vacuum bags to maximize the space and mostly, I would end up with spanking new suitcase to accommodate the stuff that I have bought. I wouldn’t […]

Incase’s First Connected Suitcase Is Sleek, Minimalist And USB-C Equipped

There are a handful of “high-tech” suitcases out there. We have seen quite a bit here, but if you’d prefer a high-tech travel roller designed and made by a long-standing, reputable bag maker over those offered by untested startups, well, here it is, the first ‘connected’ luggage from bag and gadget accessories maker, Incase. Called […]

Suitcase Baby Stroller Hybrid Is The Best Thing Since, Well, Baby Stroller

Traveling with a baby means juggling with essentials like a stroller and at least a suitcase. You can either learn to cope with it, or you could get yourself a Born To Fly Baby, a carryon suitcase/baby stroller hybrid that will relief you of that awful struggle. Already, it sounds like a brilliant idea that […]

Self-driving Comes To Suitcase, Makes Pulling Suitcase A Thing Of The Past

There are many suitcase makers out there eager to make your traveling an easier one, but nothing compares to what Cowarobot has done. Really. Nothing. Why? Well, because it has developed what could be the most high tech suitcase on Earth: an autonomous suitcase. Yes. You heard that right. A self-driving suitcase! How’s that for […]