New Airwheel Suitcase Scooter Has A Transparent Body

Not sure if you noticed but airports are getting bigger. And while a carry-on suitcase is usually not heavy since there is a limit to how much it can pack and also it can be towed, it can make walking a little more inconvenient. But that will not be the case with the Airwheel Rideable …

Officially Licensed Evangelion A.T. Field Tool Case/Suitcase

Remember the new kind of suitcase that can be collapsed to the thickness of a book for easy storage? Well, here’s another but this time, it is from Japan’s ladder maker, Pika Corporation, and it is not just any old suitcase. It can be used as a toolbox and it’s an officially licensed product of …

Jollying Pebble Is A Suitcase That Can Collapse To The Thickness Of A Book For Easy Storage

The problem with suitcases is obvious: they consumed a lot of space when not in use. There’s a way around this. You can reclaim some of the space it takes by storing stuff in it (the suitcase), or you could look to Jollying Pebble, a suitcase that can be “flattened”.

Doraemon x Gucci Capsule Collection: Adorable And Classy At The Same Time

What are the odds that a high-fashion lover is also a big fan of Doraemon? I’d say its rare. Hello Kitty absolutely. But probably not for an anime/manga that is less international like Doraemon. Then again, looking at what Doraemon x Gucci Capsule Collection has to offer, perhaps even non-fan of the cat-like robot will …

This Suitcase Has No Fancy Tech. It has Aircrew’s Proven Usability And Features

There are fancy, high-tech suitcases and regular, affordable suitcases, and then there are suitcases designed by those who use it almost every single day. So, who do you trust? Obviously, the latter. I mean, a person, such as an airline pilot, couldn’t be more qualify to say what makes a good suitcase, right?