The modern MINI is clearly not as mini as its forebear. However, its trunk space still leaves much to be desired, to a point that you probably cannot be sure what suitcase can fit in it.

MINI Lifestyle Collection MINI Trolley Suitcase

However, you won’t have this “fitment issue” if you were to buy the new MINI Trolley, the new hard-shell suitcase from MINI because it is, after all, a MINI lifestyle product.

The MINI Trolley features a waterproof two-way zip with an integrated TSA combination lock, side-mounted bumpers, and quiet wheels for moving it along.

MINI Lifestyle Collection MINI Trolley Suitcase

There’s also a kids’ model too, aptly called MINI Kids Trolley. In addition to the obvious (like, you know, smaller in physical size), the kids’ version gets a little extra by the way of printed lining with pictured of cuddly and MINI models:

MINI Lifestyle Collection MINI Trolley Suitcase
The inside of the kids’ model of the MINI Trolley.

If you are down, you may find the new MINI Lifestyle Collection MINI Trolley and MINI Kids Trolley selling on as well as at select MINI dealers with a recommended retail price of €165.76 and €140.00 (around US$190 and US$160), respectively.

Images: BWM Group.

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