On June 1, Razer announced over Twitter a collaboration with travel gear/luggage maker TUMI. Yes. Not even a proper press release which is strange. The TUMI X Razer Collection, which is limited to just 1,337 pieces, went on sale on June 3. It was sold out on the 15.

Limited Edition TUMI X Razer Collection

Well, what can I say? I hate limited editions. Period. It serves no purpose other than to benefit scalpers who have no other talent than to take away genuine buyers’ opportunity to buy. But thankfully, fans of Razer and TUMI who have very deep pockets won’t need to be the victim of scalpers, yet, because you may still be able to pick up the collection from TUMI website.

The TUMI X Razer Collection includes a 4-wheeled carry-on suitcase (US$895), a Finch backpack for a 15-inch laptop (US$675), a Bozeman sling bag (US$425), and a laptop sleeve for a 15-inch laptop (US$195).

Limited Edition TUMI X Razer Collection

The bags are obviously TUMI stuff but imbued with Razer branding and colors. The matte black colorway with bold, neon green accent works really, really well which is not hard to see why it is a sell-out.

As far as Razer goes, the collection is sold out but if you are so inclined, you may want to hit up TUMI website to see if they are still available. These are lovely bags but damn, they are so pretty damn expensive. Ugh.

Images: Razer.

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