Beltpin Detachable Loop For Waist Belts

This is Beltpin, a simple and super cool solution to a woe that plagued waist belt users around the world: dangling loose end. Granted, loose belt end has no safety concern, but man, it sure is annoying as hell. And if that annoyance triggers the OCD in you, then perhaps Beltpin may be able to help.

Beltpin Detachable Loop For Waist Belts

Sure, you can go ahead and slide in a rubber band, or even an elastic hairband onto your belt, but they certainly won’t be as nearly as cool and as ‘integrated’ as Beltpin. After all, Beltpin is purposed designed. So what does a Beltpin really do? Well, it is a C-shaped, money clip-like accessory that slides onto your belt to create a makeshift loop for to hold the loose end in place and blending it with your belt while doing so.

Beltpin Detachable Loop For Waist Belts

Key features include eco-friendly vegetable tan leather, strong stitched thread, careful edge finish to prevent fraying of leather at the edges, CNC machined aluminum hardware – anodized for corrosion protection, and high yield strength and chrome plated spring steel.

If you think Beltpin is what missing in your belt-wearing life (but seriously, who doesn’t?), you can pick up one as a pre-order on Kickstarter for €15-19 (roughly US$17-22).

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Meanwhile, you can see it in action in the pitch video after the post.

Images courtesy of Beltpin/Timo Tascharntke.

Submitted via TIP US Page.