Batman’s Utility Belt Is Cool, But KILLSPENCER Utility Belt Is Cool & Real

Utility belt is not exclusive to Batman. Construction workers use utility belts too, though granted, the cape crusader’s variety is a lot cooler… that is until KILLSPENCER Utility Belt came along and Batman isn’t real. You are real, though, and that kind of makes KILLSPENCER real-life version utility belt super cool. Sorry Batman. Truth does […]

This Seemingly Nondescript Belt Is Like The Real-life Batman Utility Belt

Sometimes I can’t help but to think Batman’s utility belt is bullshit. Don’t get me wrong. I am a fan of the cape crusader, but it is hard for me to reconcile with the fact that those tiny pouches can have any real world use. Well, I guess I was wrong because there’s a real […]

You Wear a Waist Belt. Why Not Make it Charge Your Smartphone Too?

The problem of smartphones not having enough battery has long been addressed, but at the expense of traveling light. Heavy users of smartphone can never truly enjoy traveling light because they have at least a portable battery to carry with them. Nifty, the folks who brought to you MiniDrive, has a brilliant solution that will […]

You Won’t Believe This Waist Belt is Actually a Wearable Skatescooter

We try to avoid relating Hungarian applied art graduate Adam Torok’s Belt Scooter to sci-fi, but it’s kind of hard, because a waist belt that can be transformed into skatescooter sure sounds like something quiet sci-fi-ish. So, yes. You heard that right. The Belt Scooter is what it say it is: a skatescooter, albeit a […]

Gerber GDC Belt Tool Conceals Three Tools In Its Belt Buckle

up till today, pocket multi-tools are mainly designed to slip into your pocket or as a keychain. if you are not a fan of both, then perhaps a multi-tool that snaps right into a belt buckle might. introducing the Gerber GDC Belt Tool. hidden away in its beautiful G-10 belt buckle is a removable 3.3-inch […]

Xbelt Skatetool – Skateboard Tools Double As Waist Belt

we have come across multitude of multi-tools in all shapes and sizes, but the Xbelt Skatetool is a refreshing take of this age-old concept. as the name suggests, it is designed with skateboard boarders in mind and it also doubles as a unique belt, albeit one that’s a little narrow. central to the Xbelt is […]