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Batman’s Utility Belt Is Cool, But KILLSPENCER Utility Belt Is Cool & Real

Utility belt is not exclusive to Batman. Construction workers use utility belts too, though granted, the cape crusader’s variety is a lot cooler… that is until KILLSPENCER Utility Belt came along and Batman isn’t real. You are real, though, and that kind of makes KILLSPENCER real-life version utility belt super cool. Sorry Batman. Truth does hurt. Since this Utility Belt is made for real person, it obviously lacks the ability to stow Batarang, miniature smoke grenade, and it surely can’t pull you up hundreds of feet up onto a building; instead it features an advanced patent pending locking system that promised to add a level of security and functionality to your travels. Continue reading Batman’s Utility Belt Is Cool, But KILLSPENCER Utility Belt Is Cool & Real

This Seemingly Nondescript Belt Is Like The Real-life Batman Utility Belt

Sometimes I can’t help but to think Batman’s utility belt is bullshit. Don’t get me wrong. I am a fan of the cape crusader, but it is hard for me to reconcile with the fact that those tiny pouches can have any real world use. Well, I guess I was wrong because there’s a real world utility belt called Cache Belt that proved that this functional fashion piece can indeed stashed a shit load of EDC. So, how is it even possible, you ask? The magic lies in the single stitched hook and loop design nylon webbing that offers a discreet storage for small items up to 1.25 inch wide. Continue reading This Seemingly Nondescript Belt Is Like The Real-life Batman Utility Belt

You Wear a Waist Belt. Why Not Make it Charge Your Smartphone Too?

The problem of smartphones not having enough battery has long been addressed, but at the expense of traveling light. Heavy users of smartphone can never truly enjoy traveling light because they have at least a portable battery to carry with them. Nifty, the folks who brought to you MiniDrive, has a brilliant solution that will end this woe and it is called XOO Belt. Yes. A belt. It goes by the rationale that since most people wears a belt, why not make it charge your smartphone as well? And that’s what XOO Belt is: a smartphone-charging belt. And thankfully, it won’t have a buckle the size of a portable battery, instead, it uses a clever battery technology known as ceramic polymer flexible battery and line them, overlapped, along the length of the belt. Continue reading You Wear a Waist Belt. Why Not Make it Charge Your Smartphone Too?

You Won’t Believe This Waist Belt is Actually a Wearable Skatescooter

We try to avoid relating Hungarian applied art graduate Adam Torok’s Belt Scooter to sci-fi, but it’s kind of hard, because a waist belt that can be transformed into skatescooter sure sounds like something quiet sci-fi-ish. So, yes. You heard that right. The Belt Scooter is what it say it is: a skatescooter, albeit a very tiny one, that you can wear around your waist when you don’t need it, and when you do need it, it is just a fold away. However, it does come with a heft you don’t find on regular belts, attributed by its iron and plywood construction, which tips the scale at 1.7 kilograms (3.7 lbs), but then again, it is also unlike any belt you have seen or imagined because it lets you kick around as a form of personal transportation. Continue reading You Won’t Believe This Waist Belt is Actually a Wearable Skatescooter

Gerber GDC Belt Tool Conceals Three Tools In Its Belt Buckle

up till today, pocket multi-tools are mainly designed to slip into your pocket or as a keychain. if you are not a fan of both, then perhaps a multi-tool that snaps right into a belt buckle might. introducing the Gerber GDC Belt Tool. hidden away in its beautiful G-10 belt buckle is a removable 3.3-inch tool that offers three functionalities: as a flat head screwdriver, a pry bar and a bottle opener, letting you wield the tools at your convenience while still keeping your pants up. the belt is a customizable 52-inch heavy gauge nylon material, coupled to a quick release fastener. the tool features a ring thumb grip (similar to the GDC Money Clip) that lets your finger wrap around it, while the subtle saw edge provides your thumb the grip and leverage when force is applied, thereby creating a solid grip even without a full-fledge handle. the steel tool is treated to titanium coating for durability and strength, and it is of course, rush proof. Continue reading Gerber GDC Belt Tool Conceals Three Tools In Its Belt Buckle

Xbelt Skatetool – Skateboard Tools Double As Waist Belt

we have come across multitude of multi-tools in all shapes and sizes, but the Xbelt Skatetool is a refreshing take of this age-old concept. as the name suggests, it is designed with skateboard boarders in mind and it also doubles as a unique belt, albeit one that’s a little narrow. central to the Xbelt is the belt buckle and accompanying plastic clips, which together, offers five skateboard specific tools, including three wrenches (9/16″, 3/8″ and 1/2″), a mini screwdriver with two bits (a hex and a Phillips), and an obligatory bottle opener. well… perhaps, the latter is not so much of a skateboard-specific tool, but you get the idea. the main belt buckle is where you will find the wrenches and bottle opener, flanked by two plastic clips, each stowing a piece of the two bits. by integrating the tools into the belt, it frees up skateboarder’s pockets and eliminates the need for anything that dangles, thereby giving skateboarders absolute freedom of movement, while still providing the essential tools for fine tuning and adjustments as and when needed. Continue reading Xbelt Skatetool – Skateboard Tools Double As Waist Belt

Wheelmen & Co. Buffalo Hook Belt

while the engineering behind the ridiculously expensive Bugatti Belt Buckle is an undisputed awe-inspiring feat, it is definitely not a belt for everyone (obviously), but the Wheelmen & Co. Buffalo Hook Belt you see here is no less impressive when it comes to how you belt up and definitely at a way more earthly price. between having no holes (and mind-boggling pricey) and having holes, the Buffalo Hook Belt has loops or miniature holsters of sort that literally let the hook belt buckle hook up and thus holding your pants up with absolute style. how many times you come across a belt that hooks up instead of punching through holes? rarely, as we would have imagined, which makes this one heck of a fashion statement. Continue reading Wheelmen & Co. Buffalo Hook Belt

Red Bull Racing 2012 Race Belt

Red Bull Racing 2012 Race Belt
(photos: Formula 1) Red Bull Racing 2012 Race Belt | £26.00 | www.formula1.com

we usually leave our tees untucked mainly because of two things: we do not have a decent waist line to show and we do not own any belt (and belt buckle) that’s worthy of exposing our less-than-ideal mid-waist anatomy. yes. all this sitting in front of the computer posting away while munching on snacks have somewhat enlarge our waist line a little. however, we might consider going on the tuck-in our tees ritual on daily basis if we have a belt like the Red Bull Racing 2012 Race Belt. this official Red Bull Racing merchandize sports an aviation theme with a belt buckle fashioned after an airplane’s seatbelt buckle and features an eye-catching ice blue belt decorated with the brand’s slogan “Gives You Wings”. Continue reading Red Bull Racing 2012 Race Belt

Bill Amberg Airplane Belt function like real airplane seat belts

Bill Amberg Airplane Belt 544x388px
(credit: Bill Amberg) Bill Amberg Airplane Belt | from £125.00 | www.billamberg.com

for the fashion conscious folks, putting on a belt is not just a because-you-need-to affair. it is a statement to say who you are and if you belong to the aforementioned fashion aficionados, this Airplane Belt from Bill Amberg might just the thing you want on your waist, either that or you are a huge fan of flying. i know am not but this is a belt that will get you the attention your deserve. design like the actual airplane seat belts, this novel belt even hooks up like the real thing Continue reading Bill Amberg Airplane Belt function like real airplane seat belts

these computer mouse belt buckles are 100% geek approved

Computer Mouse Belt Buckle 544x368px
(credit: GettingWeddy) Computer Mouse Belt Buckle | from US$20.00 | www.etsy.com

what other better way to show your geeky side than to wear a computer mouse belt buckle? sure, there are more geeky ties out there to do the geeky-portrayal job but then again, not all of us wears a tie as often as the belt. created by Etsy seller GettingWeddy, these belt buckle are made out of non-functioning computer mice, and there are couple of Mac mice too. unfortunately, you can’t do any left or right click to unbuckle the mouse – unbuckling still goes through the traditional process. the prices for GettingWeddy’s creation start from $20 for PC mouse, while Mac mouse cost $22 each. the price does not include the belt nor computer, but it will fit your existing belt up to 1.75-inch (44.5-mm) wide. just a suggestion before i close this post: make sure you learn to tuck in your shirt, else you won’t be able to show off your cute little mouse buckle. Continue reading these computer mouse belt buckles are 100% geek approved