we imagine filthy rich folks must have paid ‘handsomely’ for many seemingly regular items, but 84 grand for a belt buckle? this got to be the first. however, but before you go on and dismiss this as one of those ridiculously priced objects of the rich (which it actually is, anyway…), let just say it need no precious stones to make this one heck of a belt bucket. the magic lies in the engineering marvel of micro proportion put into it. yeah. we know. we find strange saying that too. anyway, here’s the story: this belt bucket was developed with Bugatti Automobile Company and features an intricate belt mechanism that lets the wearer adjust the belt size within a 22 mm range without the need for unbuckling.

well, that kind of makes sense, isn’t it? when you are loaded, your actions say a lot about you (elegance, remember?) and the last thing you want is to be caught adjusting your belt. so, this $84,000 belt buckle actually lets you do it discreetly and stealthily and no, it has no holes like traditional belt. under the hood is an array of handcrafted bridges, cogs, wheels, springs and pinions, and elements in solid white and rose gold, lightweight titanium and stainless steel that made up the aesthetic appeal. limited to just 44 pieces, each Bugatti x Roland Iten Belt Buckle is completely handcrafted, polished and assembled by master craftsmen in high precision watch-making in Geneva, Switzerland, and oversaw entirely by the man, Roland Iten, himself. even though we are intrigued by the brilliant micro-engineering involved, we still can’t get over the stratospheric price tag cos’ 84K is after all, 84K.

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Roland Iten via Uncrate

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