you know how popular games are being ported from platform to platform? well, here’s another one: Minecraft and it has been “ported” to LEGO, allowing you have a go with Minecraft in a more tactile way, so to speak. since it started out in 2012, Minecraft has been a highly successful sandbox game involving building and creating using virtual cubes, and the LEGO Minecraft Collection here lets you continue the fun even when you are not glued to your computer. the collection consists of three sets: Micro World (21102; 480 pieces), The Village (21105; 466 pieces), and The Nether (21106; 469 pieces). the first of the three, the Micro World, which is the first that the Danish toy company pushed out, is a product selected by LEGO Cuusoo members and is packed with 1×1 LEGO tiles and a pair of buildable Micromob characters: Steve and Creeper. with The Village, you get to create and customize your very own Minecraft village, and even build your own characters including the Pig, the Village and the Zombie.

the Nether set, on the other hand, lets you tinker with Minecraft Obsidian Portal and The Nether and each set comes complete with Netherrack, gravel and bedrock, plus three buildable Micromob figures including two Ghasts and a Zombie Pigman. you know what i am thinking? these LEGO Minecraft sets could be an awesome way to pull yourself or whoever is addicted to the pixelated virtual world, back into the real world and since this is the month of the Holiday Season, they also make quite a good stocking stuffer too, well maybe not the stocking, but under the tree, cos’ the box is a little too big for stocking. yours to own for $34.99 and up from Amazon. but do note that they are flying of the shelves, so if you want one (or two or three) you better act fast. as to why we didn’t point you to LEGO official web store, well, two out of the three in the collection are out of stock and won’t be restock in another 30 days or so. therefore, your best bet in getting them in time for Christmas is Amazon.

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