fact: you cannot claim that you have seen the biggest flashlight until you see the Rechargeable Spotlight & Power Pack. judging from the above image, you can’t really tell how big this device, which measures 15-3/4″ x 11-1/2″ x 12″ (about 40 x 29 x 30 cm), is until you have seen the image below. well? how was it? it is freaking big, isn’t it? btw, it wasn’t named wrongly. the Rechargeable Spotlight & Power Pack is in fact a portable spotlight with a swivel head for directing the blinding light emitted from its stay-cool, 120-watt halogen bulb to where you want it to be, thereby potentially turning your night into day. having said that, it really isn’t a flashlight but merely a functional spotlight made to look like one and probably the biggest you have seen and will ever see. get one of these and when the next power outage strikes, things will be a whole lot less painful.

the Rechargeable Spotlight & Power Pack not only provides you will the light you need during those dire times, but it is also capable of charging your USB-powered devices such as your can’t-live-without smartphone via a built-in USB port, and there’s even a 12V DC outlet for other devices that runs off that. no word on how many times it can charge up your USB-powered devices, while still continuing to provide the light you need, but according to Improvements, it will illuminates up to 69 minutes, on regular beam, per full charge. the device will set you back $99.95 (already discounted, presumably for this holiday season), which comes with an adjustable shoulder strap to ease your portability woe of lugging this 12 lbs (5 kg) monster around, and two chargers: one for regular wall outlets and the other for automobile. another look at this gigantic ‘flashlight’ after the break.

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Rechargeable Spotlight & Power Pack

Improvements via Red Ferret

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