What you see here is a custom Hattori Hanzo Cutting Board by Brother in Wood, aka Broinwood. Yes. It is a wooden cutting board/butcher block, and it is also a crazy work of art. Honestly, I cannot imagine whoever ordered this custom cutting board would bear to put a knife on it.

The cutting board features an intricate image of legendary Japanese Samurai, Hattori Hanzo, of the Sengoku era (Age of Warring States, c. 1467 – c. 1615) and mind you, it is not just an image; it is a precision CNC machined wood inlay.

Brother in Wood Hattori Hanzo Cutting Board

The board measures a massive 24 by 18 by 3 inches (61 x 46 x 8 centimeters) and it is crafted from a combination of walnut, maple and a smell piece of yellowheart wood. Unfortunately, you can buy this piece. It was someone else’s custom.

However, you pick up any cutting board the company has in stock, or put in your custom order like someone did with this Hattori Hanzo Cutting Board.

But before you do that, you have ask yourself: would you bear to chop anything, anything at all, on this work of art? IMHO, it could be end up as a display art because, that’s what it is. An art.

Brother in Wood is a Kentucky-based outfit that specializes in cutting boards. You can learn more about Broinwood HERE.

Images: YouTube (Broinwood).

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