Flowood and surrounding areas in Rankin County are stunningly beautiful places in Mississippi. This quaint little suburban region is perfect to live in if you love nature.

But when trees are abundant, there are bound to be several critters and pests. What you need are professionals offering pest control Flowood MS.

Mosquitoes in Flowood, MS

As per the government reports, there is an astonishing number (50 types) of mosquito species in Mississippi. Most mosquitoes feed on cattle and other animals. Of the rest, four are the main disease-transmitting species in humans.

Unfortunately, you may not tell different types apart. Since damp areas and organic matter are excellent breeding grounds for mosquitoes, they thrive in Flowood.

You can encounter them when you go walking in Flowood Nature Park or kayaking in Crystal Lake. Even if you are not outdoors, mosquitoes don’t discriminate – they enter your home. Once they do, it can be difficult to stop them from biting you, and preventing them is the only solution.

Tips to Getting Rid of the Mosquitoes Occupying Your Flowood Home

Mosquitoes lay eggs that turn into larvae and then pupae. The final stage is when they are full-grown and attack you. No matter where you live, eliminate the mosquito breeding areas first.

Step 1: Remove the Rubbish

Determine where water is stagnant on your property and remove it. Other unused water sources, along with rotten or organic debris, also can increase mosquito growth.

  1. Eliminate things lying around the home and yard, such as:
    ● Trash piles
    ● Broken down equipment
    ● Rusted tools or metal
    ● Cardboard
    ● Damaged pipes

2. Check the gutters for blockage by way of dirt, leaves, or dead insects. If the gutters and drain pipes don’t work properly, there is excess moisture.

  1. If you put pet food out or have birdbaths, clean the dishes and troughs regularly. Change the water so that there is no build-up of organic material.

Step 2: Kill the Mosquitoes Before They Reach Adulthood

Mosquitoes cause dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue, West Nile, Zika, and more. In 2014, a woman from Flowood reportedly contracted a rare infectious disease Chikungunya when working with a foreign-returned person. Irrespective of the origins of a medical issue caused due to mosquitoes, it is better to prevent it.

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When you cannot destroy the eggs, stop the later stages in a mosquito’s life cycle. Larvae are immature forms concentrated in one area. Find damp areas in and around the house and use larvicides to kill the young ones.

Sprinkle insect growth regulators like Methoprene near swimming pools, gardens, and rain barrels. EPE-registered larvicide products are a liquid form that can be applied using sprayers.

You can also use dunks, pellets, tablets, or granules found at your local store. These products contain a bacteria strain called Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis or BTI that is fatal to mosquitoes.

Step 3: Repel Mosquitoes Inside the House

You can use insect nets when you camp out of the home. Or get a screened-in porch to prevent bugs from entering. Or, call your Flowood window and door installer to add a mesh screen or netting to all openings.

Whatever precautions you take all day long, you can hear buzzing noises when it is bedtime. This means mosquitoes are getting ready to bite you in the dark. To spot them, use a flashlight or turn on your smartphone to attract them to the light.

Burn naturally available things like garlic, lavender, camphor, or coffee grounds. These smells offend mosquitoes, and they fly away. Use mosquito traps and bug zappers to catch them; however, these ideas can also harm other insects.

Use mosquito repellents that come in the form of sprays, no-pest strips, lanterns, and candles. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has approved DEET as a safe chemical product for mosquito control. However, use only repellents that have up to 30% DEET on children.

Step 4: Promote Mosquito-Eating Animals

Collect mosquitofish, which kill these pests, from Flowood lakes or creeks and put them in water. Know the details by calling the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. You can also consider getting a turtle or koi fish if you have an attractive water feature in the backyard.

Encourage natural mosquito predators that gobble them up to enter your property. Lizards, spiders, dragonflies, and birds like Purple Martins are found in Flowood neighborhoods. These creatures keep mosquitoes from growing up by killing them in their aquatic stages.

Call the Professionals

When all else fails, and the ingestion is massive, call a company that deals with pest control in Flowood, MS. They know how to prevent the pests using the least effort. They have the expertise in handling chemicals while using the safest practices.

Featured image: Unsplash (Syed Ali).

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