4 Steps To Being Successful Online

In a competitive job market, highly-qualified students are finding themselves felt by the wayside, unemployed for some time, in their quest to start a career. Even after graduating with an impressive degree, you’ll still find that the market for jobs isn’t as easy to penetrate as you might have hoped – especially since the COVID-19 […]

Need To Travel With A Medical Condition? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Out

If you have a medical condition, you may think that traveling is out of the question, whether it’s for fun or because you need to move to a new area. However, there are ways that those with a medical condition or disability can get around, no matter how severe. There are many adaptions that can […]

4 Key Technologies For Startups

Life can be hard as a startup as it can be challenging to penetrate the market and compete with the larger, more established brands. There is no guarantee for success, but often you will find that startups that utilize the latest and best technology often put themselves in the best position and find success.

Turning Your Passion For Tech Into A Career

If you’re obsessed with building computers, tinkering with the latest tech gadgets, or generally working with tools in the garage, you could turn this passion into something more. If you’re not already in a job that requires the use of your imagination, creativity and your ability to build new inventions, maybe you should pursue a […]

How To Travel The World When You Have No Money

Take a minute to sit back and think about what is currently holding you back from doing more traveling. For most, there is one answer which stands above all: money. When you factor in the cost of flights, accommodation, food, and everything else associated with traveling, it’s a pricey itinerary.

Minneapolis-based Epidemiologist Designed A Face Mask You Can Make Without Sewing

I was dumbfounded when WHO advised against wearing a face mask if one is not unwell. I know the rationale. You know, the global shortage of mask and all that. But seriously, a mask, regardless of the effectiveness, is better than no protection at all. It was an ill advice, pardon my pun, since novel […]