In this dark time, Las Vegas will not only be forever known as the birthplace for drive-through strip shows; it will probably be known as a place where once a single roll of toilet paper was peddled at an exorbitant $3,999. I kid you not. It actually happened, or at least, according to a report, it wasn’t a prank.

Jared Jewelers Las Vegas $4000 Toilet Paper

Obviously, nobody would ever drop 4 grand for a roll of toilet paper and so, the clever marketers over at Jared Jewelers in Las Vegas sweetened the deal by throwing in a “free one-carat diamond ring” with the purchase of the said toilet paper.

It was clearly a clever in-store marketing campaign that leveraged on the prized commodity. It is not clear if anyone did snap up the deal. I guess we will never know because, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Jared Jewelers in Vegas, along with its other stores, will remain closed until further notice.

Images: Facebook (@fablasvegas).

Source: Neatorama via Listverse via

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