Swarovski Theme Park Has A Whimsical Carousel Decorated With 15 Million Swarovski Crystals

Yes. Swarovski indeed has a theme park. OK. It’s more like a carnival-ish setup really, but anyways… this theme park, aptly called Swarovski Kristallwelten (or Swarovski Crystal Worlds), located in Wattens, Austria, has introduced a new attraction: a carousel.

Artist Gave Apple AirPods A Super Luxe Makeover With White Gold And Diamonds

It has been several years, but I have never forgiven Jony Ive for the blasphemous Apple AirPods design. Though I have admit, the sight of it now has ‘soften’ somehow. I am still not liking the design, but I am fine by it if it isn’t in white. It still sticks out like a sore […]

Gold Foil Wrapped Porsche Impounded For Being Too Shiny

Run in with the law for over-the-top car modifications like super loud exhaust, ridiculously big wing, for examples, are not new, but car wrap? Probably not. However, as one 31-year-old Porsche Panamera owner learned, car wrap too will land in an impound. Then again, given that the Porsche was wrapped in super-eye-catching golden foil, it […]

Sorry To Disappoint…But Diamond-encrusted Emirates Isn’t Real

Recently, Dubai-based airliner Emirates have created quite some attention when it posted an image, on Twitter, of an Emirates Boeing 777 that appeared to be covered in diamonds with the caption “Presenting the Emirates ‘Bling’ 777. Image created by Sara Shakeel.” It appears that some people has taken the image at face value (and failing […]

This Dildo Is Loaded With Diamonds And Cost A Whopping $1 Million

When it comes to ladies’ sex toys, luxury seems like non-existence. I mean, it is sex toy for the love of god and seriously, how luxury can it get, right? Well, I guess I was wrong the whole time. Fornicari has been doling out luxe vibrators for ladies (or men, if they are so inclined) […]

Brikk Marks Chinese New Year In China With 3 Carats Diamonds Headphones

Brikk is one of purveyor of opulent tech and while we are accustomed to the luxed gadgets (and non-gadgets) it has to offer thus far, nothing has quite prepared us for this: a pair of headphones coated in gold and handset with no less 200 colorless diamonds, totalling 3 carats. Now, a pair of audio […]

Luxury iPhone Dock Is Here Because It Matches Your $8,000 iPhone

What’s the point of an iPhone coated in luxurious precious metal when the dock that it sits on is not as opulent? Well, it looks like gadgets seller Brikk, who is renowned for giving iPhone luxury touches, understand this void and decided to turn out matching Lux iPhone Dock, coated in genuine luxury finishes, of […]

Brikk is Offering Yet-to-be-Official iPhone 6s Encrusted in Diamonds

If Apple sticks to its ‘tradition’, it would mean the current iPhone 6’s design will be carried over to this year’s update and focus will be on the internals. The rumored unveiling date is said to be on the September 7, but luxe maestro, Brikk, is already offering ‘pre-order’ for the luxe-up versions of the […]

Brikk Introduces Lux Buddy Belt Dog Harness, the Ultimate Opulence for Your Canine Friend

We have seen many companies trying to luxe up everyday stuff, but there are a few that is as diverse as Los Angeles-based Brikk. While its portfolio may not be huge, Brikk is among the few who goes beyond luxing up smartphones; it also dabbles in camera, and now it wants to have your canine […]

That’s It. Brikk Has Done It Again. Now With Diamond-studded iPhone 6 That Cost A Cool $43,000 And Up

So you think Brikk’s Lux iPhone 6’s $8,400 price tag is a drop in the ocean? Then may we suggest a super luxe alternative, dubbed the Brikk Lux iPhone 6 Dimond Select, that will guarantee to bruise your plentiful bank account a little more. Brikk called it “the evolution of the Lux iPhone 6” and […]