What are the odds that a super fan of Marvel and/or Star Wars is also huge on crystals, specifically synthetic glass crystals? I’d say the odds are pretty slim but here’s the thing about Swarovski’s Marvel and Star Wars collection: they are so cool that they will be objects of desire even if you are not a fan of glass products. I am especially sold by the new Marvel collection which includes removable stickers, jewelry, and figurines (basically, glass sculpture of select characters).

Swarovski Crystals Marvel Collection

The latter is especially cool, IMHO. The Swarovski Crystals’ craftsperson really captured the spirit of the characters which include the likes of the Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Black Panther. Each of these figurines is superbly crafted and presented in a multi-faceted form that looks like polygon-style art but in 3D. They are an absolute darling to admire.

In addition to the four glass character sculptures, there are also dynamic statues of Captain Marvel and Spider-Man that are made with more than 10,000 and 32,000 glittering crystals, respectively, set in the Austria company’s patented Pointiage technique.

Swarovski Crystals Marvel Collection

The Marvel Spider-Man Limited Edition towers at 22 ¾ inches and took 233 hours to complete. It features the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man hanging upside down on a New York streetlamp. The Marvel Captain Marvel Limited Edition, on the other hand, has the superhero taking to the sky pose. This piece stands 10 1/4 inches tall and took 110 hours to complete.

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Speaking of Captain Marvel, there is a Captain Marvel ring that touts the superhero’s iconic motif and combines a gold-tone plated design with a gold-colored star and dazzling crystals in red, blue, and yellow hues. There is also a Blank Panther ring too. Also available is a variety of pendants, bracelets, a brooch, a necklace, and removable stickers (with crystals, of course).

Swarovski Crystals Marvel Collection

Prices range from US$85 to US$23,000. The Captain Marvel dynamic pose piece goes for US$10,000 and has a limited run of just 200 pieces. The lamp post Spider-Man is coming soon for the grand sticker of US$23,000. The glass statues average US$600-700. Go check it.

As for the Star Wars collection, it has been available for a while now. You can find iconic figures of Boba Fett, The Child, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and more, along with popular vehicles like the AT-AT Walker, Millennium Falcon, X-Wing, et cetera.

Prices of the Swarovski Star Wars collection range from US$145 to US$18,000.

Swarovski Crystals Star Wars Collection
Swarovski Crystals Star Wars Collection

Images: Swarovski Crystals.

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