Swarovski Had Its Hand on The Oscars Again, This Time with 95,000 Crystals

So Birdman did not have a swooping win at the 87th Academy Awards aka Oscar 2015, American Sniper failed to bag the Best Picture, and the Actor in a Leading Role eluded the future Doctor Strange, but all those had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Swarovski has yet again, lent some sparkle […]

Swarovski Collaborates With Misfit To Create An Activity Tracker Powered By Solar

Ladies. If you are all dressed up for some big night or whatever, we are sure an activity tracker on your wrist would just sticks out like a sore thumb. Yea? Well, fret not. If Misfit Shine is your cuppa, Swarovski has just the remedy for the ‘too gadget’ look. Meet the Swarovski Shine Collection, […]

Swarovski Adds Samsung Gear S Strap Peppered With Fine Crystals To Its Swarovski For Samsung Collection

if you think Samsung Gear S is not quite worthy of being called a jewelry piece, then perhaps the addition of a Swarovski elements-studded Samsung Gear S Strap should do the trick. this latest ‘Swarovski for Samsung’ joins the likes of the Swarovski x Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cover to provide the much needed bling […]

LG Teamed Up With Swarovski To Embellish Its Curved OLED TV With Aurora Borealis Crystals

at the upcoming IFA 2104 in Berlin, LG’s Curved OLED TV is literally going to shine – thanks to the addition of 460 luminescent Aurora Borealis crystals that the Austrian jewelry company helped to apply to the TV’s stand. referred to as the ‘Crystal Stand’ which props up the 4mm thin curved display TV, three […]

Mophie Juice Pack Air Crystal Collection

we have seen many gadgets and accessories blinged up to the luxe level, but a juice pack? that is probably unheard of until now. meet the Mophie Juice Pack Air Crystal Collection, the “first high-fashion inspired juice pack” from Mophie, developed in partnership with Swarovski Elements.

BLU Armor Smartphone with Swarovski Zirconia

if you have a mobile product embellished in the slightest amount of Swarovski Crystals, typically it will cost a bomb, but that’s not the case with the BLU Armor Smartphone with Swarovski Zirconia. BLU said that this sweet-looking Android-powered handset is aimed squarely at the fairer sex “with exquisite taste, sophistication

Gold Swarovski iPhone 5 by Amosu Couture

though most gadgets lover would prefer the ‘classic’ black and/or silver look for their gadgets, there are a handful out there with Scrooge McDuckian level of wealth who still prefers to showoff their gadgets in the ultimate opulent style (it’s a tradition, ain’t it?). if you belongs to that McDuck circle then the Gold Swarovski…

Samsung GALAXY S3 Swarovski Edition by Amosu

apart from iPhone 5, what’s the hottest smartphone in the market right now? if you would concur with us, that would be none other than the Samsung GALAXY S3. with 20 something million handsets going around the globe (and projected to surpass the 30 million mark this year), you have to admit that this…