So Birdman did not have a swooping win at the 87th Academy Awards aka Oscar 2015, American Sniper failed to bag the Best Picture, and the Actor in a Leading Role eluded the future Doctor Strange, but all those had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Swarovski has yet again, lent some sparkle to the event with 95,000 crystals. This was the eighth year the Austrian crystal specialist has dressed up the Dolby Digital Theatre in Los Angeles for the movie industry biggest event and the third time it has worked with Tony Award-winning production designer Derek McLane. So now you know where those sparkles that assaulted your eyes were from, eh?

Swarovski Decorates The 2015 Oscars with 95,000 Crystals
Rita Ora performs on stage during the event.

Of the 95,000 crystals used, 22,200 of them weighing 250 lbs were used on the gigantic crystal closedown wall put together by nine artisans using 580 hours, 50,100 were found on three separate stage curtains, and further 23,000 were used on the theater’s eighteen crystallized opera boxes. Well, lavish it was, but hey, when it comes to the biggest event for the movie industry, it would probably be a crime to save, or in this case, not to sparkle, after all, it was a star-studded event. All told, over 675,000 Swarovski crystals have been used in the Academy Awards since 2007 and that’s not including those used on costume design, which amount to over a million. Wow. We wonder how much the AMPAS has budgeted for this event?

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Swarovski Decorates The 2015 Oscars with 95,000 Crystals
Jennifer Hudson performs during the In Memoriam at the event.

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