Deciding on which university you want to go to is probably one of the first major decisions you’ve made for yourself as if you are just leaving college life to progress to university, then your school choices were probably made either by your parents or with their help. Whereas a university choice should be on the whole, your decision as it’s you that has to live with it.

It’s also a big decision for those wanting to further their career with another degree such as a Masters, or for those that want to do online study as you need to work out how to fit this in with your current role and life.

With this in mind, with a little bit of research online about how to choose the right university for you, and then a lot of exploring at Open Days of the universities, you will find the one perfect for you.

Factors Of Deciding On A University
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Where to Go
Deciding which part of the country you want your university to be in is as much about the type of learning you will achieve as it is about the person you are and what you like. The environment in which you have to spend years at needs to be one that suits what recreational activities and cultural activities you like to do so you can grow and progress in the field of your choice.

Make a list of activities and interests you deem to be important at your chosen university, then research online to see if these meet your criteria. You will find more out about the university life when you visit on Open Days so speak to other students about their time there to gauge a realistic view whether it’s the right place for you to learn and live some of your best carefree years!

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What’s the Learning Like
Obviously the learning aspect of going to university is important, but there are many styles of learning. You need to find out if they teach the way you learn. Are you a hands on learner who works best with experiential learning such as courses found at NEC in America or are you a classroom learner who works best with theory and research?

To get the answers to these questions, contact the department you’re interested in for each university as well as asking current students.

Support Me
It’s likely that the university you choose will be the largest place you have ever attended to learn so you will be expected to take responsibility for your studies now more than ever. So you need to make sure that there are support systems in place to help you should you find you are struggling, whether it’s through student support or education counselors, make sure the right package is in place for your needs.

Choosing a university is one of the most exciting choices you will make as not only do you get to either further your education, or start an initial education path, but you also get to meet so many new people and experience new cultures. Make sure you choose the one that’s right for you with thorough research of not just the learning packages but the support and general university life.

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