Mark Hamill Performs Lines From Will You Wear A Mask Illustrated Book In Dr. Seuss Style Rhyme

We don’t need medical experts to tell us why we need to wear a face mask. Centuries of human civilization already told us why we should and it is called ‘responsibility’. Wearing a mask minimizes the chances of you from spreading the dreadful virus to others and vice versa.

Main Rules For Writing A Successful Student CV After Graduation

If you are a student who has recently graduated, then this article is just for you. After graduation, everyone dreams of landing in their dream job. The gate to that job is your CV. It must stand out among all other candidates, and for that, you must know the main rules. Keep on taking notes!

8 Top Tips To Help Get Better Grades In Literature Class

Literature is an interesting subject because it mirrors society. You get to see yourself in the characters you read about and relate to them. The challenges of everyday life and the status quo in society sums up the content in literature. But why do students fail to get top grades?

The Complete Work And Online Study Guide For Those In Healthcare

It isn’t easy to work while studying, no matter how many concessions are made. Night school is tiring and takes time and energy to get to and from that you sometimes don’t have. Taking time off of work is often impossible. This is the standard across the board, but it’s actually harder for those who …

Use Practice Tests, Training and Books to Pass Microsoft MS-900 Exam Easily

IntroductionBasic skill sets are crucial in every technical position, especially if you’re new to the field. Such knowledge helps you find your specific interest, create a foundation for further professional development, and show recruiters and employers that you take your career seriously.

This Is Quincy. She Is A Desktop Robot That Teaches Kids To Draw, Math And Words

Want your very young ones to pick up drawing, but don’t want to commit to a flesh-and-blood drawing coach? Well, you know what? We are in the future and the future needs no drawing tutor because, there’s Quincy.

Buildable Wooden Robot Hand Is An Affordable Way To Cultivate Engineering Mind In Children

This gorgeous buildable wooden robot hand from Wood Trick is designed with children in mind. Wood Trick Wooden Robot Hand lets young ones build their own robotic hand as a way to stimulate their ability to plan and build their own structure. Well, LEGO has the same effect, doesn’t it? But then again, can your …

Why You Don’t Need To Choose Between Study And Travel

Study abroad or exchange programs are the obvious option that comes to mind for someone who wants to see a little more of the world while they study. However, these are not available for all courses and in all cases. They can also be prohibitively expensive. What if you are looking for a more flexible …