I always joked how my aunt is super rich cos’ her everyday slippers had crystals on them. They are not real crystals, though, obviously. Her flip-flops cost just a few dollars. As it turns out, Havaianas not only also has flip-flops adorned with crystals, but it has also has a pair blinged with Swarovski crystals.

Havaianas Slim Crystal Mesh SW II

The Havaianas Slim Crystal Mesh SW II, as it is called, is a 129.90 euro (about $144) pair of flip-flops that features straps lined with Swarovski crystals hand-sewn by artisans from northern Brazil. As noted by its product name, this is the second version with a Swarovski crystals lined straps.

Havaianas Slim Crystal Mesh SW II

Beyond the swanky crystals that make you the perfect fit in a set of Desperate Housewives, it is still a pair of rubber slippers with the usual Havaianas’ “benefits” like heat resistant, non-slip and obviously, water resistant. Spoiler alert: most rubber slippers have those “benefits” too. Just saying…

Other design features include Greek key pattern on strap, rice grain pattern on footbed, and brick pattern on outer sole. Basically, those are it in exchange for the aforementioned €129.90.

Havaianas Slim Crystal Mesh SW II

Images: Havaianas.

Source: Luxury Launches.

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