When you think of donuts (or doughnuts for the old schoolers), you probably think of coffee (thanks, Dunkin’ Donuts!). That said, donuts and coffee seems like the de facto combo recognized by today’s homo sapiens, but if having an afternoon donut with a shot whiskey is your thing, well, then you are in luck cos’ one doughnut confectionary shop in Denver, called Habit Doughnut Dispensary, has just the kind of donut that will make you salivate. The outfit is serving what it calls Doughnuts Under-The-Influence, which is basically doughnut with a shot of liquor inside.

Doughnuts Under-The-Influence by Habit Doughnut Dispensary
Liquor with edible gold flakes – now that’s truly golden!

However, your choice of rum, whiskey or vodka, does not come pre-filled inside unlike say, a strawberry jam donuts. Nobody bakes whiskey; that will be silly and likely to alter the taste of your favorite liquor. Instead, it is served with a plastic pipette (think dropper) loaded with liquor of your choosing stuck on the donut which you can then choose to do one of the two things: shoot it straight into your mouth to curb your afternoon alcohol tremble as you savor the sweet dough, or you can let the intoxicating beverage creeps among the fluffy inside of the baked dough by firing into the confectionary and had a booze-filled sweet and now, spicy, donut.

I think most people will prefer the former, but for the sake of novelty, some may opt for the latter which me think could turn out to be quite a messy eat (but it sure sounds super yummy!). As for the price, it will cost you just 2 bucks for a dough with a shot, or $24 for a box of 12. Surprisingly affordable, if you ask me. Probably more worth then coffee.

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Doughnuts Under-The-Influence by Habit Doughnut Dispensary
Some words of advice: do not post stuff like this near lunch time. Stomach is growling in protest!

P.S. Kahlúa is available too, just in case you really need to have that coffee-fix. Just thought you should know…

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Images: Habit Doughnut Dispensary.

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