Move Over Coffee Cos’ Donut Has A New Worthy Companion: Whiskey

When you think of donuts (or doughnuts for the old schoolers), you probably think of coffee (thanks, Dunkin’ Donuts!). That said, donuts and coffee seems like the de facto combo recognized by today’s homo sapiens, but if having an afternoon donut with a shot whiskey is your thing, well, then you are in luck cos’ […]

Milky Way Looks Delicious Because It Probably Is If It Was Made Of Dough

Not liking Lollipop does not mean non-fan of lollipops will be miss having the chance to chomp a galaxy or two, but that’s only dough, specifically donut, is your cuppa. While the homemade Galaxy Donuts are not galaxy-specific, they do look pretty much like the mesmerizing space beyond the atmosphere of our beloved little blue […]