fun stuff: secure your donut with Doughnut To-Go

Donuts To-Go 544px
(photo credit: Doughnut To-Go | US$11.50 |

the ultimate must-have item for the paranoid donut fanatics. Doughnut To-Go is a compact and convenient case for er… donuts. you heard it right, its an exclusive carry case for donut.

its just for one donut though and it’s microwave safe, so you can warm up your donut if you fancy. there are exactly 23-holes on the case to make sure your donut remain warm and fresh. isn’t that a superb news for donut connoisseur?

there’s a grip handle for you to grab the Doughnut To-Go, to err.. wherever you go… and when you need to leave your donut alone, there are two holes where you can put any regular lock to secure the donut. sounds a little too much? but how else would you stop those donut thieves from stealing your delicious donut?

hmmm, how about incorporating a kensington slot too? that way no one can grab your Doughnut To-Go with your donut inside.

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