The Gundam culture has just gotten weirder. And no, Gundam and Hello Kitty crossover is totally not weird at all, not after you have learned about this latest collab between the popular anime with Haromoro & King Oscar Oil.

Haromoro & King Oscar Oil x Gundam Sardine

And the product? Gundam “themed” sardine. Yes. You heard that right. Sardine. And what has Mobile Suit Gundam got to do with sardine? Beats me. But here it is anyways, the great villain Char Aznable from the 40-year-old mecha anime is helping to sell this special edition sardine.

For this Gundam x Haromoro & King Oscar Oil Sardine, Char appears on the packaging of the sardines and a special promotion video voiced by actor Shuichi Ikeda who played Char has also been made:

In addition, a special promo site has been setup just for this. On the website site, you can also fine recipes on how to make the best Haromoro & King Oscar Oil x Gundam x Sardine dishes.

Finally, there is a sweepstakes of sort where Japanese residents will have a shot in winning a Haromoro & King Oscar Oil x Gundam Sardine limited box set, featuring special packaging with six oil sardine within, and 2 promotional posters boasting exclusive newly drawn of Zaku and Z’Gok, each holding a, ermm, fork. Cute.

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The campaign runs from May 14 to May 22, 2:59PM, Japanese time. For those who read Japanese, you can hit up the promo site for details on how you can enter the sweepstakes. As for the sardine itself, it is being sold at 320 Yen (or around US$3) plus tax and it can be found on Amazon Japan.

Haromoro & King Oscar Oil x Gundam Sardine

Images: Hagoromo Foods.

Source: comicbook.

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