Many things are a plus when it fits in the palm of the hand, but a bag that fits in the palm of your hand? Maybe not quite, but that did not stop eponymous fashion label by French fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus from trying. As if the label’s 12 by 6 centimeters (4 x 2.5 inches) Le Chiquito isn’t small enough, Jacquemus had the world scratching its head when it unveiled an even tinier version of the Le Chiquito, aptly called Le Mini Chiquito, at the Paris Fashion Week.

Jacquemus Le Mini Chiquito

Le Chiquito is already dubbed as a “microbag” by the label and at mere 5.2 centimeters (about 2 inches) long, I really don’t know what Jacquemus is going to call it. Nanobag, perhaps? Seriously, though, does it still qualify as a handbag? Or is it just a fingerbag now? I have no idea what good a bag 2 inches long could be good for. Perhaps, a ring? Or perhaps a couple of mints? Or maybe, just maybe, it is a show of how much money you have got and that you have no qualms in dropping top dollars for a product that is so tiny and yet has little use or not use at all?

But we shouldn’t judge, yet, because, the price of the Le Mini Chiquito is yet to be fixed. But I won’t be surprise if it costs hundreds of dollars, and if that’s the case, I know exactly what you should put inside this bag of Lilliputian proportion: a Bluetooth tracker. Why? Assuming that it does cost hundreds a piece, it would be crazy expensive by material-to-price ratio and for that, you probably don’t want to lose it and hence, a Bluetooth tracker that will buzz you if you inevitably leave it behind. I won’t be surprise if people start leaving it behind on cafe tables or countertop of public bathrooms.

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It is impossibly small that it will be easily forgotten. Don’t worry, though. If you ever buy Le Mini Chiquito and misplaced it, it is never your fault. It is just too god damn tiny!

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Source: Luxury Launches.

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