We all know what a video doorbell is. Despite its obvious usefulness, there aren’t many around. Well, at least, not many of reputable brands that boasts integration with its own smart lock anyways. Speaking of integration with its own smart lock, here’s a new one from smart lock maker August called August View Doorbell Camera. View does everything you expect of a video doorbell, including instant motion alerts, on-demand live video streaming, two-way audio communication, and of course, doorbell functionality that actually includes a wireless chime.

August View Doorbell Camera

Beyond those, View further boasts several additional features, including “best-in-class” imaging sensor that offers 1,440p (i.e. FHD+) resolution, minimal fisheye distortion for realistic view of your doorstep, zoomable video, smart lock integration that lets guests in remotely from anywhere, and finally, interchangeable face plate with eight designs to choose from to match your home’s aesthetic. The latter is a seemingly minute but no less important detail that is overlooked by many manufacturers. August View Doorbell Camera will go on sale starting March 28, 2019, and when it does so, you can expect it to play well with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. As for Apple users, August said integration with Apple voice assistant is being explored.

Anywho, this being August, it is not any cheaper over Ring Doorbell 2. It will retail for $230. However, do keep in mind that it does include a wireless chime which its direct competition, Ring Doorbell 2, does have. Of course, there are other cheaper options from elsewhere (and by elsewhere, we do mean China) and so, it is really comes to personal choice and how much trust you put in the company behind it. Not hinting anything. I swear. Keep going for the product video.

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Images: August.

Source: Android Authority.

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