Carbon fiber. This strong and lightweight material commonly used in race cars has found applications in a myriad of products, including faucet, paper plane-shape RC aircraft, hand tools, and now, even a chair.

Alvarae Phantom Carbon Fiber Chair

A carbon fiber chair is not the newest new. Race car’s seats have carbon fiber shell, but the Alvarae Phantom Carbon Fiber Chair (officially, just Alvarae Phantom Chair) is not just the shell. The shell IS the entire chair and yes, it is totally hollow on the inside.

What’s more impressive is, the chair’s design resembles a chair draped in an oversized piece of cloth – except that there is no chair beneath this “cloth”. It’s like a cloth was draped over an invisible chair.

Alvarae Phantom Carbon Fiber Chair

The “cloth” is here, of course, formed out of carbon fiber with it supporting the entire structure. The Alvarae Phantom Chair is a perfect demonstration of the strength carbon fiber possessed.

It weighs just 5 kilograms (11 lbs) and yet, it is capable up of holding a person weighing up to 200 kilograms (441 lbs). If you have a wrestle heft, it will not bat an eye lid (if it had one!). The only limitation is the physical size. That said, actually seating’s area and size of the chair are unknown.

Alvarae Phantom Carbon Fiber Chair

Now, for the good news. The Alvarae Phantom Carbon Fiber Chair is totally something money can buy, but you have to be a richie rich to afford one because, it commands a princely sum of US$15,000 each. Yikes.

Images: Alvarae.

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Source: Luxury Launches.

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